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Workhorse of the Week vs. Columbus Crew

A draw at home. Aren’t we tired of these yet? Did any player earn a Workhorse vote for their performance against Columbus?

MLS: Columbus Crew SC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there, youngster! Bryan Reynolds earned a Workhorse of the Week win for his performances last week. His star is rising.

A Home Draw

No one likes draws. (Just ask Ted Lasso.)

FC Dallas enjoyed a deserved week of rest and came on to the field against the Columbus Crew with fresh legs. The Crew are one of the better teams in MLS right now, so we knew the game was going to be tough. FC Dallas looked to take care of their home business, at least initially. A first half goal from Michael Barrios got the team going, but as the second half came on and Caleb Porter made some tweaks, the game went a little south.

Sure, Reto Ziegler notched another penalty kick, but Columbus managed to scrounge out a couple of solid goals against a somewhat disorganized Dallas defense.

It’s hard to take these kinds of results, especially as FC Dallas seems to look in flashes like a potential contender. Yes, our squad is full of young homegrowns who are going to struggle from time to time. Yes, the team is continuing to get guys like Jara and Santos fully integrated and deal with a couple of key injuries. It’s hard season, so we expect some ups and downs.

But you hope your team wins at home.

You got to win at home.

Look on the Sunnyside

Were there bright spots? For sure. Michael Barrios is officially on the scoresheet with his first goal of the season, and we hope it breaks the little rut he was in. Maybe the goals will come as the flood gates open up in the coming weeks.

Bryan Reynolds had his first “iffy” game of the year, which is a positive, as it gives him an opportunity to show something else in the coming weeks and keep building.

The defense too maybe was a little too confident and now realize how much hard work they still have ahead of them to figure things out, especially asking more from the midfield.

I think Fafa Picault is still looking to get fully integrated with the team too, and his energy should help.

Acosta was deployed in a more aggressive position, which had some intrigue to it as well.

Ultimately, I’m excited to see Barrios more on the left and Fafa on the right. Maybe that little tweak will give opponent’s fits?

Luchi has work to do as well figuring out how to get the backs involved in the attack on a regular basis.

Vote Below

Have you registered to vote? You should. Seriously, that vote is more important than any other out there. Do it.

After you do that, come here and vote on a Workhorse possibility.

I’m going to suggest Michael Barrios, because he worked hard, got a goal, and deserves some positive vibes.


Cast your vote for the Workhorse of the Week.

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