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East Stand View: Scoreless Week

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It could’ve been worse, but it was still bad.

MLS: FC Dallas at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

There were two road games this past week, and if you didn’t get the chance to catch either of them, here’s a thread about the two miserable games complaining about what went wrong for FC Dallas. This team has no sense of offense it seems like, we have scored one goal in the past four games. It’s not like we’re playing world beaters either, we have been playing against teams in winnable games (first Nashville SC, then on Saturday against Real Salt Lake). First let’s start off on a positive note...

Road Game Point

Road games are always going to be tough, COVID-19 or not, going to someone else’s house and winning is a difficult task for in this league unless of course you were Chivas USA. Grabbing a point from two road games is not the worst result a team can have. We’re not New England or Portland, two of the best road teams in the league. In fact, we’re better on the road than Los Angeles FC this year if you can believe it. I’m not saying we’re good, I’m just saying, we’re not the worst on the road. Now, in terms of goal scoring...

Incoherent Offense

Not sure what exactly we’re trying on the offensive side of the ball though. We are currently tied with the LA Galaxy at the bottom of the Western Conference in terms of goals scored. Counter point you may bring up, that we are the second best defensive team in the Western Conference behind only Seattle. That fact is the only reason we’re still in the playoff hunt, and it shouldn’t take away from the discussion that we should be having though...

Our offense looks completely lost. The inability to create chances is just baffling, it feels like we’re just kicking the ball around hoping that it does something. During the RSL game, it felt like we were just giving it to Barrios expecting him to work out a miracle from the wing. We aren’t playing coherently, and it doesn’t much seem like there’s a plan on going forward. We have Franco Jara, Andres Ricaurte, Michael Barrios, Jesus Ferreira; the attacking talent is absolutely there but we’re just not using any of it.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Lol this team has a seizure every time they get the ball in the attacking zone.” - @TheoMelillo

Are you extremely disappointed with this week’s two road games and only grabbing a point? Do you think our offense can be saved at this point in the season? Is Luchi even capable of coaching a successful offense? Let me know in the comments below!