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East Stand View: Bad Refereeing Benefits FC Dallas?!

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FC Dallas actually benefitted from a referee call. Awesome!

MLS: Sporting Kansas City at FC Dallas Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

Sporting Kansas City was visiting FC Dallas on Wednesday night, and the weather was immaculate. The temperatures have finally been dropping in the area and the more cold fronts the better. SKC fans didn’t really like one of the events that occurred during the match, although they shouldn’t really be complaining. And Ryan Hollingshead, is finally locked in as legit?

First let’s talk about what Peter Vermes is probably yelling about at the current moment.

Remember That Other Decision?

Guys, don’t feel bad about the foul that was called on the Sporting KC player that went down with Jimmy Maurer. Just look at the picture above, remember the anger and the frustration, and realize that the universe is all about balance. We got a rare help from the referee this past Wednesday, which means all FC Dallas fans should’ve bought lottery tickets immediately following this match judging by how lucky we were. While engaging with angry SKC fans online is never pleasant, just don’t feel too bad because they’ve been on the other side of a crucial referee decision. Plus, we didn’t even time waste this time so really they’re out of ammo at this point.

Ryan Hollingshead

Ok, I think it’s safe to say that Ryan is absolutely legit. Not just having the best name on the team, but also being an all around stand up gentleman. Now, there are those that think we can do better than Hollingshead, I was one of them. But he has come out and done exactly what we’ve needed and he needs even more recognition. How many times have we seen Ryan come in at the back post and put one away? I think we’re in good hands with Hollingshead for years to come.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Skc fans salty + @FCDallas win = A solid nights work! #DTID” @mcoleman290

Did you actually feel bad when they called a foul to cancel the SKC goal? Was Ryan HoHead always legit in your mind, has he come around to you, or do you still have your doubts? Could we do better than Hollingshead? Let me know in the comments below!