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Workhorse of the Week vs Houston Dynamo

What is there to say after another disappointing outing for this Dallas squad coupled with more detail on Reggie’s departure? Vote for a top player, I guess?

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Michael Barrios for earning just 7 votes out of 9 cast for a Workhorse of the Week. But hey, only 9 people voting shows that people are either done reading my articles or... not impressed with this club.

Dallas Goes Down to Houston, Houston Goes Down a Man, and Dallas Is Downed

Wednesday night seems a lifetime ago, especially since there wasn’t a game on Sunday.

Dallas was poised to pick up points despite giving up a goal against Houston. With Houston down a man, it seemed a prime environment for Andres Ricaurte, Michael Barrios, and Franco Jara to find a way through and at least scrounge out a point. After 90+ minutes of action, Dallas conceded another goal and struggled. While generating some chances, only a handful made Houston’s GK work.

This was a tough game to watch, and while the squad opened the game with some energy and purpose, there wasn’t a whole lot to enjoy. Both goals by Houston took advantage of an over-stretched, disorganized FC Dallas. Every time Houston got on the break, you were worried that Dallas was about to concede another. Matt Hedges also went down with an injury, making the whole game a debacle.

Things are not looking great for Dallas, but of course, there are still plenty of games left for Dallas to lock down a playoff position and figure out their offensive strategy.

On to another debacle...

Dallas Front Office Struggled Too

In a recent podcast, Reggie Cannon revealed more details about his departure from FC Dallas and the fallout after he rightfully called out fans for booing a statement for equality and dignity for black lives.

I encourage you to read Jason’s writeup here.

As an ordained clergy, I know one of the challenges of leadership in this time is figuring out ways to communicate to a diverse crowd and maintain your clear values. FC Dallas knows their market, and that their market is not exactly “progressive” (whatever that word means). It doesn't take a rocket scientist to predict that statements of solidarity with black lives were going to get some kind of reaction especially in this politically contentious moment, but what is also ultimately predictable is how organizations are so quickly willing to wilt in the face of any adversity. By “allegedly” asking Reggie to apologize for his comments, FC Dallas was placing the blame on a player of color for calling out the racism and disrespect that was apparent from at least some, hopefully small, portion of the fanbase.

I expect FC Dallas to address this. I know they don’t want to be an edgy franchise. I know they are trying to be strategic and be a sports team for a diverse array of fans. But if you won’t defend your players and back up your players when they did nothing wrong (unless asking to be heard and to be treated with dignity and respect is somehow wrong), who wants to work for you? A family backs each other up. FC Dallas must do better.

Doing the right thing often has a cost, but I think FC Dallas has far more to gain by doing the right thing even if they face some temporary flack.

Who to vote for?

It’s a hard game to find a lot of positive in a single performance. I know a case can be made that Andres Ricaurte certainly showed his quality in this match, even if it didn’t lead to much fruit. Maybe he deserves your vote. Anyone else? Let me know in the comments below.


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