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FC Dallas allegedly wanted Reggie Cannon to apologize

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Damning interview reveals the systemic racism inside FC Dallas

MLS: Montreal Impact at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Cannon appeared on The Crack Podcast with Oguchi Onyewu and DaMarcus Beasley back in August, right around the time he was finalizing his transfer deal to Boavista. Cannon appeared a few days after FC Dallas did not protect him or his teammates by having fans in the stands and some of those fans took that opportunity to throw objects and boo their own players.

A day after his comments, FC Dallas chose to not have Reggie Cannon play for “his safety” in the following game after seeing threats were lobbied that people were going to “show this boy what real terror is.” Allegedly the club’s decision was to protect the players and Reggie, but we know that the safest thing was to 1) not have fans in attendance in the first place and 2) not play the anthem.

At the time, Dallas initially released this non-statement after watching their own Homegrown player receive death threats and racial abuse:

Reggie Cannon was pretty candid about the threats he received:

“I’ve gotten threats of being lynched in my own city.”

(Cannon reading a message he received.) “‘I have the license to conceal carry, and I hope I see you around the streets of Dallas so that I can end your miserable life.’”

“People are messaging me saying, ‘you have the right to kneel and we have the right to boo’, you can do whatever the hell you want - I said the act of you booing was disgusting. I didn’t say you couldn’t do it. I said what you did was disgusting.”

Racists doing racist things is to be expected but most disturbing of all was what Reggie revealed about the club:

“So the day after I made the comments and a little backlash started to happen, they [FC Dallas] originally asked me to apologize. They had written out a statement for me that read, ‘I apologize to the fans I offended with my choice of words. I let a heated moment get to me.’ I haven’t told anyone this, again I’m in such a sensitive spot. With all respect, I’m not apologizing. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

But this revelation does explain why FC Dallas chose to release that non-statement in the first place. That makes logical sense. It’s racist, but it at least follows a logical line of thinking - “We think you did something wrong and you shouldn’t have done that, so we’re going to defend the fans and not you.” It explains why they wanted fans in the stands and weren’t taking the pandemic seriously. It explains why they still played the anthem. It explains why that despite it being 2020, this club still will not say “Black Lives Matter.”

FC Dallas handled this thing in a terribly, and hopefully this serves as a wake up call for the club, encouraging them to really do some self examination and reflection.