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2020 MLS Draft: Luchi Gonzalez discusses day one picks

The FC Dallas boss felt good about how the three picks went down.

MLS: FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders FC Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas picked three players in Thursday’s first and second round of the 2020 MLS SuperDraft. In the first round, defender Nkosi Burgess and forward Cal Jennings were selected, while the second round pick saw midfielder Manuel Ferriol come to Dallas.

“I thought very positive,” said head coach Luchi Gonzalez. “I’m really proud of the staff who do the research and do their homework. The draft this year required a lot of video that we were connecting with references, college coaches and certain scouts, so I thought the staff were very diligent in those roles. Not that it was easier, but it made the process effective, efficient, and we are very proud of the three draftees we selected.”

The new format of the draft saw the teams select from conference rooms instead of a ballroom at the annual coaches convention. This also brought some new challenges in how FC Dallas handled the lead up to the day as there wasn’t a week-long Combine to help teams see the players up close and in person.

“You know you obviously want to see players more live and in-person but for sake of efficiency, MLS has redesigned this which has a lot of positives as well,” said Gonzalez. “This required us to see players earlier before drafting them, giving us more time to do research and study and video had to be more heavily relied on in this format than in the past.”

Dallas came into the draft with two first round picks, and while they were towards the end of the first round, they could have been able to make a deal with another club to move up. At the end of the day, Gonzalez was pleased with how things turned out.

“Some of those ideas involve international spots and those are really valuable and don’t come easy,” said Gonzalez. “So that international spot is important to us. These are things that were tested, but I think if you look at the day overall we didn’t take a big risk to get a higher pick like we had in our hands last year but if you look at the value for the picks we originally had and what we got, I think it was a really positive day”