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Quick Burns: New Years resolutions for FC Dallas

Now that the calendar has turned to a new year, let’s discuss our annual resolutions.

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

New Years resolutions are always a trendy topic when the calendar turns over on a new year. Now that we’re firmly in 2020 and we’re about to embark in the 25th season of MLS soccer in Dallas, our team has gotten together to write up their resolutions that they would like to see happen for FC Dallas in 2020.

Some are on the field, while some are off the field. Let us know what resolutions you have for FCD below in the comments section.

Nathan Hill - Add An Extra Wrinkle

While there will be new faces to introduce to the team, the core of this squad returns in 2020. Year Two for Coach Luchi Gonzales will tell us much about the kind of culture he is building. Other teams now have a year of game tape to understand what Luchi is trying to do and what some of the youngsters are capable of. The key as preseason approaches - what wrinkle can FC Dallas add to their mix to keep other teams off balance? Could it be a renewed focus on set pieces? Could it be a slight formation tweak here and there to take advantage of favorable situations? I’m excited to see what the team cooks up.

Ben Lyon - Get back to the CCL

Last year laid the foundation for the team to make it back in to the Concacaf Champions League in 2021 via a conference championship or winning a trophy. The new system is rote. The roster has been fine tuned. The depth is there. The young talent is a year older and wiser, and the continuity should help the team fire on all cylinders out of the gate.

Mohammad Bushnaq - Make A Splash

The Hall of Fame is complete, the stadium is as gorgeous as it has been since its opening. The team is ripe for continued success and improvement. Therefore, it is time for this technical department and ownership to create some buzz with a splash in some way, shape, or form. It does not necessarily have to be a master class signing, but the team needs to find a way to rekindle the fire and grow the fanbase. The homage to the Burn on the 25th year could be it if done right. Hopefully, they can resolve to seeing some positive strides on and off the field.

Drew Epperley - Take a gamble

This should be a big year for FC Dallas and MLS. As we’re n the 25th year, I’d love to see FCD take some big risks when it comes to their marketing of the team. I’d love to see the team pour themselves into the city more and more. Highlight the different Homegrown players where they are from (Paxton in Lake Highlands, Reggie in Grapevine, Jesus in McKinney, Servania in Dallas, etc.). Plaster the city with retro Burn logos somehow. Do more than just digital billboards to promote games (though continue that, its always nice to see they’re at least trying on that front). In all, take the gamble that is worth it and finally market the hell out of this group to the city.

El Chico Carmona - Put it all together

I believe in " Play the Kids", I believe that the kids will make a significant leap forward this year. So all I want to see this year, is for the team to put it all together and make this one of the most memorable seasons in FCD history.

Jeff Loftin - Improvement

More than anything else, I want to see improvement across the board. Defending needs to improve, the ability to break down a low block needs to improve, and overall output of chances needs to improve. There are a plethora of ways in which the team can improve upon what I deem a successful season and that is my resolution for the team - improve.