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Jersey Leak: Is this the FC Dallas home kit for 2020?

A kit leak reveals an interesting twist in the new jerseys for FC Dallas.

As we get closer and closer to a new season, the big talk is almost always about what the new jersey FC Dallas will be unveiling look like. Well, Christmas has come early for those who want to see our 2020 home kit.

For a closer look, here is the front:

And here is the back:

As you can see, the club is sticking with the red, white and blue color scheme for another round in their home kits but the hoops are making a slight return to the fold here. These quasi-hoops in blue are certainly unique and will offer something different than the hoops of the past that were almost always white or red.

You’ll also see the three stripes at the top of the kit, which is something every club will have in 2020 for the league’s 25th season. As weird as they look at first glimpse, I do think that will be an element that grows on people as time goes on.

The back doesn’t display the new league fonts for 2020 but you can find some examples of that online already with some other clubs. I do appreciate the simple nature of the back of the kit with just the Texas flag at the top.

It should also be noted that this is the final year of the Advocare deal for the kit sponsor. That deal runs out at the end of the year, so hopefully in 2021 we’ll see something new there.

At first glance I’m not super in love with the kit but I do think it will be better in person when the time comes for the team to launch it to the public. I actually like the blue hoops the more I look at it too, which I didn’t expect to when I was told this was going to be how they’d look in 2020.

What do you make of these kits? Excited to see the hoops return? Or disappointed that they aren’t more pronounced like in years past?