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FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids: Highlight, stats and quote sheet

All the details from FCD’s loss in Colorado.

FC Dallas dropped points yet again on the road Sunday evening as they lost 3-0 to the Colorado Rapids.

FC Dallas Head Coach Luchi Gonzalez

Overall thoughts on the match…You know, we had a good week. We had a good week in preparation, the spirit was good, it was clear the objectives. We knew the scenarios. I take full responsibility for the result. I have to make a final decision on lineup, the roster, the idea. We wanted to come here and be proactive and attack, and be on the front foot, get pressure on them and create. You know we did have a lot of the ball, we had more crosses, we had more shots but the quality of those actions, they weren’t there. They weren’t there and for Colorado they were. They were efficient, and they were better in those, even if their numbers were lower in those areas their quality was high, and they were efficient so… so much so that it was lopsided with 3-0. That’s, we’re not proud of that. I take full responsibility. I apologize to our families and our fans because that’s not what we came here to do. So, I’m going to own that, and I’m going to reflect but somehow luck has bounced our way and we’re in it. This is a group that’s not going to give up. We’ve had to deal with that all year, we’ve had to suffer all year, and this is another step in our growth and let’s see what we’re made of now. So it’s up to us. We’re still in a position to do what we want in the next step of the season but the way we played today is not, it’s not going to be enough next week, so we have to change some things and respond.

With it coming down to Decision Day, what does the team need to do?

Expecting and what actually happens are different things. I have to expect of myself first and my staff. So we have to be very prepared and push our players in the right way. Push the right buttons and build up their confidence again to represent our family and friends next week to make them proud in our stadium.

On Jesse Gonzalez’s performance…Jesse’s a special talent and he’s matured a lot over the years and especially this season in developing. Maybe it doesn’t reflect in the score line but he had some brilliant moments today to keep us competing in the game.

Defender Matt Hedges

Thoughts on the match…It’s not good enough. We gave up some easy goals and we didn’t create very many chances. If we give up goals like that and we don’t create chances, we’re not going to win games.

With it coming down to Decision Day, what does the team need to do?

We need to have more intensity, have [possession of] the ball more, chances created and more compact as an 11. It has to be totally different from today.

Forward Jesus Ferreira

Thoughts on the match… It was a hard team that we paced. We knew that they needed the points, and we also needed the points. They just came out stronger. We got lucky that Seattle… We still have a chance to still make the playoffs. It all comes down to the last game.

On the next home game…If we want to make it to the playoffs, we need to play with everything. We need to win that game, and win it however. It doesn’t matter what it takes.