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FC Dallas vs New York City FC: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas’ draw with NYCFC.

MLS: New York City FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas split points with New York City FC on Sunday night in a 1-1 draw.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

Overall thoughts on tonight’s match...It was a roller coaster emotionally just because it couldn’t have started worse. First play of the game, we conceded, and we didn’t do anything we talked about in the first play. Took us 25- 30 min to shake it off. It was important that we didn’t concede again quickly because they could have scored again, and that’s a credit to Jesse and the back line. They literally saved us in some crucial places. Then we gradually grew into the game and I’d say the last 15 min of the first half we were good. We were very good. And then, at half time, we said, “That’s it. The first thirty are done, but the last 15... that’s where we need to play, with energy”. We adjusted our press. I won’t get into the details. We changed our press. We changed the press, actually, on the water break, before half time. And then in the second half, I felt the energy was obviously consistent with the last 15 minutes of the first half. We pushed the game. We got a lot of crosses.

On the team’s response after the initial struggle... I love these guys, they always respond. They’re not perfect. There’s going to be mistakes. We know the first play and the first 20 min are unacceptable for our standards, our potential, but the boys stuck together. They found a way to get back into the game, and then they pushed it in the second half. We lost the first half. We won the second half.

On the strategy for the second half...We tried to stay organized. We didn’t use our last sub. We didn’t want to just throw in a second nine and maybe lose the midfield and then all of a sudden be down and lose a point that could make all of the difference. I thought we were creating enough to attack. Zdenek “Cobra” Ondrasek got his goal. We didn’t need to make an adjustment there. He was working. We were creating 2v1s and 1v1s with Mikey and Reggie. Santiago Mosquera gave us some energy there on the left. We talked about getting some earlier crosses but we couldn’t score the second, but we tried. We tried. I have to be proud of the group to make a much better adjustment in the second half. It’s disappointing to start the way we did and then play the way we did and know we didn’t win the game.

On what this game means moving forward...So just like Seattle we have to make this point count. I don’t think 47 is enough. Fifty-one. Fifty-one is the number to us. Forty-nine? We can’t depend on that, maybe in past seasons, but not this season. We have to push for 51 and that starts with a good week of recovery, look and be critical of the video, continuing to develop and grow, take the next step, be out of our comfort zone, and go to Colorado with a lot of motivation.

FC Dallas defender Matt Hedges

On responding in the second half…Yeah, that was you know, a good response from us. Especially in the second half like you said. Coming around, dominating the ball, getting all the chances we had, and we could have had another one to get three points. But one point is one point. At this point we had the results go our way, so we get another chance.

On if the momentum will carry over to Colorado and SKC...Yeah. It better. If it doesn’t, we won’t get in the playoffs.

FC Dallas midfielder Michael Barrios

Overall thoughts on tonight’s match…We knew it was going to be important to get three [points] after seeing the results of the other teams we are fighting. But it’s football. We know that it wasn’t going to be an easy match against a complicated rival with important players and against a team that’s fighting for the Supporters’ Shield and first place in their conference. The important thing is that we didn’t lose, and we got a point. We still have the hope and dream of getting into the playoffs. It’s all in our hands. We’re going to rest up then head to Colorado to get three points.

The­­ team didn’t seem to gel, what do you think happened? We came in a bit sluggish. We can’t blame the weather because it’s not the first time we’ve played this way. We have to improve those things, improve the mistakes we made. It’s the most important thing in this sport. We need to stay calm, knowing that we fought until the end. We need to rest and be ready for the next match.

On not getting three points at home and NYC FC as an opponent…We knew from the beginning we were facing a great opponent. In the second half, we improved a few things from the first 45 minutes. They put pressure on us, and we were behind. But thank God we managed to correct mistakes in the second half and things became clearer. We had the goal that gave us the point at home.

FC Dallas midfielder Paxton Pomykal

On his overall thoughts of the game…First 30 minutes were poor. You know, and the last 60 minutes were good. Not great, obviously we only had one goal. We created a lot of opportunities, but um, it’s a good team and we played them really well for the last 60 minutes of the game. I don’t think they did much to be fair, credit to them, they came out flying and they were good in the first 30 minutes. Like I said that’s a really good team, but, in the last 60 we played really well.

On coming in and playing…Yeah, I mean, I’m in a position right now where this is crunch time, and if I can play, regardless of if I’m 100 percent or not, I’m going to do my best to be on the field for the team. That was kind of the situation where maybe I wasn’t one hundred percent today but once adrenaline kicks in, you get going, sometimes it goes away but yeah I’m going to do everything I can to give my best effort for the team regardless if I’m injured or not and at the end of the day I thought I did a good job today.

On pressing leading up to Zdenek Ondrasek’s goal…Energy. We needed more of it in the first half and everybody was together in the second half, pressing. You saw Sean Johnson was just kind of chilling on the ball, being, trying to waste a little time, be a little cute and then they got punished for it so at the end of the day it could have been Jesus [Ferreira], it could have been me pressing but that’s our philosophy, that’s our mentality, that worked out for us today.