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East Stand View: FC “Daalas”. And Badji.

FC “Daalas” may be our new name from now on people.

MLS: New York City FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It was a pretty hot Sunday afternoon in Frisco, Texas as the ‘feels like’ temperature almost got to triple digits. New York City FC was in town which is great because when you’re jostling for a playoff spot, you want to play one of the best teams in the league (sarcasm). This game was back and forth with a mid afternoon crowd that was a little more sparse than one would expect on a Sunday afternoon. Then, we also found out we got a name change with an ‘L’ being changed into an ‘A’. We’ve been rebranded as FC Daalas everyone. Congrats.

The Atmosphere

The above tweet has a multitude of layers to it. One speaks of a front office that can’t coordinate children to correctly spell the team’s name, although, they’re just kids people. Come on. Another layer is the inability for most FC Dallas fans to arrive on time for games, I am part of this group as I was definitely not at my seat when the above picture was taken. In fact, a good number of fans started filing in after this picture was taken and the stadium eventually did fill up pretty nicely once the game was well underway. The final layer I see, and that most of the east side had to suffer through, is the sun baking everyone sitting in those far side stands. Not to beat a dead horse, but if we could just extend the shade a little more with some sort of sun-blocking barrier...

The Game

Very disappointed that Paxton Pomykal wasn’t able to start the game as we looked so much better with him on the field. Going down super early is never fun, especially because it emboldens frustrated fans to communicate their frustrations a little more verbally than normal. In recent years, my yelling at people on the field has dramatically decreased since the infamous ‘GET BACK ONSIDE KENNY COOPER’ days.

But the player that got the brunt of this earlier than usual venting from fans, was Dominque Badji. I didn’t think he was particularly productive, but also didn’t think he was as bad as some fans made him out to be. When Santiago Mosquera came to replace Badji, there were many exasperations of “finally!”. Which puzzled me, as Mosquera has two goals and zero assists on the season while Badji beats him handily in both of those categories for the season. Badji has played in roughly six more games this season than Mosquera, so amount of opportunities can’t explain that away. So next time you’re losing your mind at Badji and his Zardes-esque touch on the ball, just know, we’re putting the more productive guy out there when he starts.

And finally, here’s your fan quote of the night: “FC Daalas, the front office really in autopilot now.”

Did you get to the game this past weekend or did you end up staying home? Will you be embracing our bold rebranding as ‘FC Daalas’? Is Badji rightfully or wrongfully the one that’s always blamed first on this team? Let me know in the comments below!