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FC Dallas vs Chicago Fire & Seattle Sounders: Player Ratings

It was a two game week, so you get twice the ratings.

MLS: FC Dallas at Chicago Fire Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas travelled to Illinois to take on the Chicago Fire and laid the biggest egg of the season, losing 4-0 in a game that could have had a much wider margin.

Man of the Match: Paxton Pomykal (6.4) - If one good thing came out of this match, it was Paxton showing signs of returning to his early season form. He wasn’t all there, but he did enough to hint that he’s regaining his form.

Jesse Gonzalez (5.8), Reto Ziegler (5.7), Matt Hedges (5.8), Reggie Cannon (5.7), Ryan Hollingshead (5.9) - By far the worst performance for this unit of the season. There was obvious confusion due to poor communication among the entire group. They were simply outplayed, and overrun to a man. I have to rate the entire match, but if I was only judging the first half, it would have to be 4s across the board. Not just for the defense.

Edwin Cerrillo (6.0) & Jesus Ferreira (5.7) - For a player that was playing as the deepest midfielder, Cerrillo was barely involved on defense. Cerrillo did help the team settle down in the second half with his accurate passing. Ferreira could offer little help to the defense, and wasn’t doing much on the attack as well, so he had to hit the bench early.

Michael Barrios (5.7) & Dominique Badji (6.0) - Some people will point out that both of these players were dangerous at times. That might have been true early, but not once the match got out of hand.

Zdenek Ondrasek (6.3) - Cobra showed well, taking two shots (one on goal), and setting up a couple of early attacks. Cobra is simply one of those players who will have his play judged on whether he scored or not, and in this match he didn’t.


Jacori Hayes (5.8), Santiago Mosquera (5.7) & Brandon Servania (5.9) - FCD never really threatened in the second half, and at best, the reserves offered stability.


Luchi Gonzalez (4.9) - This match was an absolute disaster from beginning to end, and Luchi has to shoulder a lot of the blame for failing to make his team competitive against a team that FCD matched up well against. Really, the second half looked more like damage control, than trying to generate any semblance of a rally.

MLS: FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders FC Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In the second match of the week, FC Dallas then travelled to Washington to take on the Seattle Sounders, and left with a huge 0-0 draw.

Man of the Match: Bryan Acosta (7.3) - No match has highlighted the importance of Acosta to this young midfield, like this Seattle Sounders match. Acosta brought a veteran calmness and poise that was sorely missing against the Fire. His tackles (team leading six) and recoveries (seven total) were the kind that killed off any attack:

Bryan Acosta defensive actions

He also had four successful dribbles deep in FCD territory, that helped to break the Seattle press, and a tidy 89.6% passing accuracy.

Jesse Gonzalez (7.0) - Jesse had what can be considered a good rebound match, making three saves and getting the clean sheet.

Reto Ziegler (6.7) - Ziegler wasn’t as active on defense as the rest of the backline, but he did account for all four of the blocks in front of goal.

Matt Hedges (7.2) - After one of his worst defensive showings of the season, Matt was back to his old reliable self. Matt would anchor the backline’s shutout of Seattle, finishing with one tackle, two interceptions, a team leading six clearances, one aerial won, and four recoveries.

Bressan (6.6) - Bressan was solid at right back, but he did have his nervy moments, as most of the dangerous attacks came from his side of the pitch. Still he finished with two interceptions, three clearances, three recoveries, and one shot on goal before having to leave the pitch in the 73rd minute due to severe cramping.

Ryan Hollingshead (6.7) - Ryan is another player who was back to his normal reliable self in this match, and he had a strong showing on both sides of the ball. His rating suffers due to receiving a yellow card.

Paxton Pomykal (6.4) - Paxton didn’t necessarily have his best match, but that might have more to do with the fact that he played deeper than what we are used to seeing. His deeper positioning means he was a solid presence on defense, where he finished with four tackles, one interception, and two clearances.

Brandon Servania (6.8) - Brandon continues to show he belongs in the starting 11 for FCD. He was another reason that we didn’t see the backline overrun, like we saw in Chicago. Servania played like a seasoned pro, in one of the most hostile environments in MLS. He was another calming presence, and had a solid defensive showing for the team.

Jesus Ferreira (6.2) - Jesus continues to struggle, and you can tell that some of those struggles are of a physical nature. Seattle was overly physical with Jesus, and with the refs allowing them to get away with it, Jesus was picking himself off the pitch quite a lot. It’s just the physical nature of MLS, that all young players need to learn to deal with, or there will be days where the player will simply be run over.

Michael Barrios (6.5) & Dominique Badji (6.4) - Badji continues to show that he is a serviceable left wing for this team, until such time as the team finds a better option. Barrios played up top, and he handled the hold up duties well, though at times he still played more like a wing player. I mean, some of those crosses he whipped into the box, could have benefited from a central presence, which he was supposed to provide. Still he did well enough, that you could see him pairing well in a dual forward formation.


Jacori Hayes (6.1), Santiago Mosquera (6.1) & Reggie Cannon (6.0) - Reggie looked bad as soon as he entered play for the cramping Bressan, almost costing the team a goal. He did manage to rebound and help the team seal a shutout, which is basically what all the reserves were brought in to do.


Luchi Gonzalez (6.5) - Some fans will knock Luchi for not going for three points, but those same fans, like most of us, never really envisioned FCD leaving Seattle with a point. Given the disaster that happened in Chicago, Luchi made the necessary formation, tactics, and personnel changes, that made this huge road point possible.