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East Stand View: Long Lines, Perfect Weather

After a rain that came in the day before, cooler weather followed for the game.

MLS: FC Cincinnati at FC Dallas Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

There were some small storms that came through the DFW area the day before the game which mercifully brought temperatures down from a consistent triple digit level down to high 80s/mid 90s levels. This change in weather certainly brought the folks out to Toyota Stadium Saturday night. FC Cincinnati was in town to take on FC Dallas, and there were actually a few FCC fans in attendance scattered through the stadium. The weather was great, the crowd was great, the game was great, but getting into the joint was another story...


Either everyone decided to show up at the same time, five minutes before kickoff, or the security people were double checking and triple checking every person going into the stadium. The north entrance line was backed up to the parking lot with the western entrance line actually almost coming to meet it at the north west corner of the stadium. The lines were almost touching right around game time. It was truly a spectacle to behold.

Wasn’t sure what the line looked like on the eastern part of the stadium, since I normally park on the western parking lot, but I can only assume that line was not as short as the southern entrance line which had maybe a dozen people in it. Got into the stadium super quick. I feel like I might need to begin to get acquainted with how parking works on the southern side of the stadium in downtown Frisco. That side looks like there’s much less hassle getting in.

Fantastic Game

Only thing that was better than the weather on Saturday night was the game on Saturday night. Absolutely fantastic game with a really awesome crowd, once everyone got in that is. Our team went absolutely bananas on them in the second half. Fantastic seeing them click so nicely and Cobra scoring in his third game in a row! It was also nice seeing Roland Lamah and Victor Ulloa again, even if they were wearing the opposing jerseys. Lamah got a standing ovation from about 12 people from the west stand when he was being subbed out. Either everyone else didn’t remember who he was or, they remembered exactly who he was... I mean I clapped.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Nah man, I don’t do the wave. We’re not here to do the wave.” - a rebel opposed to the Mexican wave.

Were you able to make it out to the game this past weekend? Which line did you stand in to get into the stadium? Did you clap when Roland Lamah was being subbed out, or did you pretend not to notice? Let me know in the comments below!