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What we learned in the 0-0 draw against the Seattle Sounders

No goals doesn’t mean a shortage of drama

MLS: FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders FC Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Should Michael Barrios be the full time striker?

Mikey B has undoubtedly been one of FC Dallas’ more consistent attackers on the right wing for the last few seasons. But are we getting the most out of him in that position? Moving him centrally makes him all the more dangerous on the counter. There isn’t anyone on the team that can terrorize backlines the way that Barrios can with his speed. However, building around an aging winger who’s primary asset is their speed isn’t a strategy for success.

Long term, not a great idea. But Barrios, although a weak finisher, opens things up for Dallas’ attack when he plays striker. We’re getting so little production out of the 9 position anyway; playing Barrios there shakes things up and adds new wrinkles to Dallas’ attacking plans. Both Pareja and Luchi have both run him out up top, they recognize that he has something to offer there and that right wing might be too limiting for Dallas’ most dynamic player.

A loss is a loss, a point is a point

Dallas had no intention of giving this one up easily. With the season the line, they bunkered down and grabbed the ugliest point you’ll see all season. A playoff team can take a point from the Seattle Sounder on the road and that’s just what FCD did. Less than a week after the embarrassment against Chicago on the road, Dallas (with a healthy dose of luck) pulled it together to get the result.

Historically, Dallas has hurt themselves with slides. Any team can drop a game here or there and still be competitive for a playoff spot or even the Shield. What’s haunted Dallas have been the cold streaks, the collapses, the summer fatigue, and late season chokes.

The pressure is on for this young team. They hold their own destiny in their hands. Turning around after the Chicago game and drawing Seattle shows the team’s resiliency. They’ve been up and down this season and I don’t think we know their make up yet. But at least they’re more consistent than the hot and cold Pareja team of 2017.


We drew Seattle, great job. But if Dallas are competing for a playoff spot, they have to execute for the next three weeks. The next order of business is NYCFC at home. NYC have scored in every away game this season since March. FCD are going to have to get on the scoreboard here. It’s almost even harder to get a result at home knowing that you can’t bunker down and be happy with a point. Dallas have to be the aggressor and they’ve struggled generating those chances this season.

Will Luchi stick with his bread and butter (if we even have one)? Or will he try out a gimmick to get it done?

Is Barrios our best striker? What kind of character has the team shown this season? Can and will we beat NYCFC?