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East Stand View: Turn It Off?

This was one of those matches that even the more hardcore fans would stop watching.

MLS: FC Dallas at Chicago Fire Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

It was early Saturday afternoon in Dallas, and the sun was out reminding us that fall temperatures don’t come to DFW until late November. FC Dallas traveled to Chicago to face a Fire side that continually confuses people on how good they are, unfortunately, they decided to show their quality today. On the positive side, they no longer share the same stadium sponsor as us, and next year supposedly they have to visit us. Those were literally the only two positives from this match though, at what point does even the hardcore fan turn it off?

Turn The Radio Off!

Most of you likely weren’t listening on the radio, but if you were, my Reel Big Fish reference pertains specifically to you. On a slightly more serious note, when do hardcore fans turn off the game that their team is playing? Here I was, thinking during the pregame that we had a decent chance to nab a point, and before halftime we were four goals down. Once an hour had gone, I had to watch something else. We weren’t threatening offensively, we were a joke defensively. Even in the second half they were hitting the post and getting amazing chances. It was incredibly disheartening to see our defense struggle so hard with a non-playoff team. Can you imagine us playing away against a playoff team? We’re going to see that this coming weekend.

Everything Sucks

Keeping with the Reel Big Fish theme, this wasn’t just the defense collapsing, or the lethargic offensive display. Everything sucked. It seemed like one team (Chicago) wanted it more than our own boys in red. We were getting beat in every aspect, especially in the ‘trying’ department. I’m not sure if the guys went out the night before, or maybe they thought Chicago was a push over, or possibly the 2:30pm start time threw them for a loop as they haven’t played a 2:30pm game since early June. It was apparent watching this match that there might have to be some roster changes once the season is over, which is looking very likely to end without that MLS Cup for the 24th year in a row...

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “@FCDallas can’t break our hearts in the playoffs if they don’t make the playoffs.” - @SeniorHubertito

At what point should a fan be able to turn off the game without the risk of being called not a true fan? If your team doesn’t seem to be in it, is it loyalty to watch the dismantling of your team? Do any of you appreciate my Reel Big Fish references, or should I update my references? Let me know in the comments below!