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Why FC Dallas fans need to root for chaos

FC Dallas needs points... but a little chaos in the Western Conference wouldn’t hurt playoff chances.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

While FC Dallas is not taking the field this evening, every match matters from here on out as playoff positioning gets firmed up.

Our very own Jason Poon tweeted about what is at stake for Dallas’ schedule the rest of the way - every point is vital.

The stakes are high for Dallas. Beginning with Chicago, the team must find a way to grab as many points as possible. Winning out at home may be enough, but it’s unlikely with such a competitive Western Conference field. Even if you hadn’t planned on it, you might want to begin paying attention to those remaining games involving Western Conference foes starting this evening.

If a couple of playoff contenders drop points, FC Dallas is poised to benefit.

If other teams above Dallas continue to grab away wins, FC Dallas will hover around that 7th spot and perilously close to being out of contention.

Basically, Dallas wants chaos the rest of the way.

Tonight, for instance, Houston welcomes Minnesota. We Dallas fans do not like Houston, but this evening, we become Dynamo fans. A Houston win over Minnesota would be a good thing. Minnesota is one of those teams that could still falter despite playing really well over the past couple of months. A tough loss on the road could be the start. Houston doesn’t have anything to play for except pride, but hopefully, they put on a show for their fans, even the ones watching from Dallas-Fort Worth.

Colorado likewise have seen their playoff hopes dim, though they have been playing well since a coaching change. Tonight, they welcome Los Angeles Galaxy who are going to be desperate for a result on the road. Colorado is a tough place to play, but with the season winding down, the Galaxy are going to make this interesting. A win for Colorado would be so so good for FC Dallas.

The Real Salt Lake and San Jose matchup should be a fun one. Salt Lake look fine despite dismissing their head coach not too long ago, still in the thick of things. They definitely want a home win to bolster their playoff chances, but Dallas fans wouldn’t mind a draw in this one. While San Jose may pick up a point in this scenario, both teams would become level with Dallas in games played and be within 3 points of a late Dallas surge. Chaos is best.

Still, FC Dallas must handle their business. A win or draw against Chicago on Saturday is more than just good - it’s vital. This is not the time to figure out a new formation, have a player go cold, or struggle defensively. It’s now or never.

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