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FC Dallas vs Orlando City SC: Player Ratings

FC Dallas struggled on the road, and we struggle to rate the FCD players.

MLS: FC Dallas at Orlando City SC Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas traveled to Orlando, arriving with high hopes of earning three points on the road, only to leave with a deflating 2-0 loss against Orlando City SC. It’s always harder to rate players coming off a loss, but rate we will.

Note: 6 is the rating given for an average MLS performance

Man of the Match: No man of the match this week. I have to sit here and justify who stood out above everyone else, and I just can’t do that this week. There was not one player that stepped up, and stood head and shoulders above his team mates.

Jesse Gonzalez (5.8) - Jesse faced only three shots on the night, and allowed two goals. Not much else to say, other than my rating may be a bit too generous.

Bressan (6.1) - Bressan played pretty well for most of the match, but I just can’t get the image of Tesho blowing by him, out of my head. I’m sure you can’t either, but just in case you forgot:

Reto Ziegler (6.3) & Matt Hedges (6.7) - This duo were a solid pairing as usual, but two goals allowed is two goals allowed.

Ryan Hollingshead (6.5) - Ryan continues to play well defensively, and is good at pushing forward into the attacking third, but like the rest of the attack, disappears once there.

Brandon Servania (5.8) - Brandon only played the first half, and it’s a half he would rather forget. He had zero defensive actions, and was not involved in the attack.......that is to say he disappeared, to the point that I never noticed he was off the field in the second half.

Jacori Hayes (6.6) - Jacori is the one midfielder who had a solid match. He was active on both sides of the ball, and finished with three tackles, one interception, one clearance, four recoveries, beat two defenders on the dribble, had two key passes, and finished with 89% passing accuracy.

Paxton Pomykal (6.1) - I’m here to tell you that Paxton did not have a good game. He had probably his worst game of the season, and was directly responsible for the second Orlando goal, by virtue of his foolish giveaway so close to his own net. Pair that with his yellow card, and my rating seems down right charitable. Don’t come at me with the whole “he looked good in the attack”, because the FCD attack looked miserable, and Pax was the guy behind the wheel of said misery.

Santiago Mosquera (6.4) - Santi was the best of the starting attackers, and that’s not really saying much. His highlight of the match, was raising enough of a stink, that it forced the head official to use VAR on the handball that wasn’t. His other highlights were shots that threatened, but ultimately missed:

Edwin Gyasi (6.0) & Jesus Ferreira (6.0) - Edwin got his first start, but disappeared early due to injury, while Jesus just plain disappeared.


Dominique Badji (6.1), Bryan Reynolds (6.1), & Michael Barrios (6.6) - Reserves came on and helped to some extent, with Barrios likely our best attacker coming off the bench, but Badji offered little. Reynolds came on late, and played well in his brief minutes.


Luchi Gonzalez (5.9) - There’s no nice way to say it, but Luchi has failed to get his team to perform on the road all season, and was no different here, against a team that was very beatable. FCD is just not a good road team, and Luchi has to shoulder the blame for failing to get his young charges up for the road challenges that MLS has to offer.