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East Stand View: Yup. That Tesho. (Rant)

Remember that Tesho guy that played with us a few years back?

MLS: FC Dallas at Orlando City SC Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

It was blistering hot for most of the weekend over here in the DFW area. Only at night where there was a breeze did you get a respite from automatically drenching yourself in sweat when you walked outside. It looked like it was pretty hot and humid over in Orlando as well, but there was one player that was super hot and that was former FC Dallas Rookie of the Year, Tesho Akindele. Seeing Tesho play well against us wasn’t even my least favorite part of the match, the worst part of the match was the referee using all the tools available to him and still getting it wrong.

‘Member Tesho?

I ‘member Tesho. I remember when we would play him out wide and rarely have him come inside. His highest regular season goal/assist total with FC Dallas, in the four years he played here, was 7g/3a and that was his rookie year. His 2016 regular season was pretty good as he went 6g/4a. Here he is with Orlando City, getting his eighth goal of the year and providing a hockey assist to the cushion goal as the boys in red go scoreless for the second match in a row.

Tesho is now Orlando’s joint top scorer, alongside DP Nani. Meanwhile, FC Dallas’ joint top scorers only have six regular season goals apiece. Clearly, we misused Tesho his whole time here and might have a need for the Canadian now now that OCSC has found out how to actually utilize the guy. My next argument is that if Orlando was actually a playoff team, he’d have even more goals and assists. And our failure to utilize him properly while he was here, and our failure to utilize a number of our signings these past few years are slowly dooming this current team to be a non-playoff team this season.

Ref Troubles

This is the second week in a row it feels like VAR has hung us out to dry. On this occasion it was a clear penalty where it looked like the defender was trying to play volleyball in the penalty box. There is not one logical argument against this being a PK. He was leaping through the air, extended his arm way away from his body, and slapped the ball with his hand. How much clearer can you get? Even our announcer team was on board that it was a handball and normally they’re pretty impartial. Refer to my article last week for how I feel about how FC Dallas is treated in this league. Hint: I think we’re MLS’ 2nd to least favorite franchise right above Colorado. This game’s no call furthers my tin foil hat theory.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Tesho is definitely gonna score on us isn’t he?” - /u/NextDoorNeighbrrs predicting the inevitable.

Do you think FC Dallas could use a player like Tesho Akindele in their line up? Is VAR just a tool used to keep FCD down while giving their opponents a leg up, or are we just unlucky? Do you feel like this team is making the playoffs this year? Let me know in the comments below!