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FC Dallas vs Orlando City: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the details from FC Dallas’ loss in Orlando

FC Dallas struggled again on the road last night in a 2-0 loss to Orlando City.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

General thoughts...

Disappointing. First, sorry to our fans. This is not the performance that we train for and that we prepare for. I know it was a challenging week with All-Star and not having the full group until Thursday, Friday but no excuses. We have to do better. We have to show more urgency, more commitment and more togetherness. From the beginning, we were a bit flat, they were on us, we conceded a few cards and they created early chances and they put one away so that put us on the back foot. I thought we did push more in the second half, got on the ball, we pushed the game but couldn’t create anything that was clear for us to get back into it. Credit to (Orlando) but this is crunch time now for us to regroup and really think about what’s in front of us. Five home games, five away games and it’s in our control to earn what we need to push us over the playoff line.

On how Edwin Gyasi’s early injury affected the match...

(Edwin) Gyasi had a good week. Mikey (Barrios) was nursing a little ankle injury as well as (Dominique) Badji and we built them into the group as the week went on, we didn’t feel they were ready to start and that was a decision combined with the technical staff and the medical staff. But we had to use (Barrios) earlier than we had anticipated because of Gyasi’s injury. I thought (Barrios) came in and impacted the game well and started to take his guy on and give us some service. We’re in a point where we have to do it, whatever the tactic, whoever has more of the ball or less of the ball, we need to find a way to win and get three points.

On if missing six players this week affect the outcome of the match...

It was a challenge but all the teams have to deal with something similar. I don’t know if (Orlando) is missing six but we were proud of our guys to be at this event this week. We anticipated this week for the last month and I thought we prepared very well and I thought we had some great training despite missing some key players. But no excuses, we have to do better no matter what.

On what was missing in the attack tonight...

More, just more commitment. That’s not saying it’s just the forwards, just as a team. More commitment to score and get in the box and desperate to get on the end of something and redirect something. Goals can come in different ways, we had a lot of set pieces today, I think we’re disappointed we couldn’t score one of those. It’s a combination of things but we have 10 games to do something about it.

FC Dallas midfielder Jacori Hayes

General thoughts on tonight’s match…

Not the start we wanted in the first half. We did well in the second half, we were all over them, but it’s all about what happens on the scoreboard and we didn’t get the job done today. We’ll watch the film early next week and start preparing for Minnesota.

On what the team needs to focus on for the remainder of the season…

We keep saying it every week that it’s coming down to the wire so at some point we have to start having a little fire underneath us, we need to get results if we want to be in the playoffs and hopefully we start playing like that next weekend.

FC Dallas midfielder Edwin Gyasi

On earning his first start for FC Dallas…

I was very excited. I said I came here to help the team but unfortunately football comes with injuries. I’m happy it’s not something serious but I couldn’t go further.

On how the team can move on from this loss….

I’ve been through a lot throughout my career, I’ve seen a lot of things. We have to come together as a team and I’m sure when we do, the way we come out will be very fantastic.