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Quick Burns: Is Zdenek Ondrasek’s scoring sustainable for FC Dallas?

Three goals in two games feels like a solid run, but will it last?

MLS: FC Dallas at Montreal Impact Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

It has been an interesting couple of weeks for Zdenek Ondrasek and FC Dallas. The Czech striker affectionately known as Cobra has found his way from the lower portions of the depth chart where he has spent most of the season to finding time off the bench, to starting this past weekend against rivals Houston where he scored two goals.

In less than two full matches, Cobra has three goals and an assist. He’s bringing a fight an an energy to the team that hasn’t been there for most of the year at possible the best time for it (the playoff push). But the big question we have going into the final game of the month against FC Cincinnati is his scoring sustainable for FC Dallas for the last month and half of the season? Our staff is here to debate it all out.

Jason Poon - Yeet

His current output is 0.78 goals per 90. That’s a perfectly reasonable clip for a good striker to sustain. Zdenek Ondrasek is basically the (very) poor man’s version Abby Wambach. Just put the ball in the Cobra’s vicinity and good things will happen. Even if he doesn’t score, he puts the fear into the keeper and the defender that lost his mark and jacks with the defense psychologically. Put me down for six more goals from the Cobra, though three will come against Cincinnati.

Jeff Loftin - Yes.

Yes. Cobras strike, it is what they do. They wait until the time is right and then they pounce. The process as a whole is what makes them deadly hunters. Waiting to strike is typical, and now is the time so Cobra has begun his hunt.

Nathan Hill - Yes With an Asterisk

Cobra can do it. If FC Dallas can maintain this momentum and Cobra continues to play well, more goals are on the way. It’s exciting and would be a huge counterpoint to a lot of complaining by fans a few weeks back about transfers and busts. But, and it’s a huge asterisk, Cobra is clearly not a striker who is going to produce on his own. FC Dallas needs to keep their overall attacking creativity and energy going. If they can produce the chances, there is no reason why Cobra can’t continue to torch defenses.

Ben Lyon - Y’all are drunk

Two game sample against two mediocre opponents? What are you all snorting? Please send me some. An established striker should have had his name in pen on the lineup card from day one but now, with 6 games left in the season, he’s supposed to be the target striker of our dreams since he’s finally scoring in the final quintile of the season?

We’ve seen with Michael Barrios and Mauro Diaz that the transition isn’t always seamless. And the coaches? Well, aside from Keeshan, the whole coaching staff is making their first run as first division professional coaches. Cobra was suppose to transcend that. Let’s re-examine the tape for a second.

That pass works out, but it could easily have ended up as a turnover in a dangerous spot for a counter attack. Is that progress? Well, maybe it is, and maybe Cobra has finally found his footing, and maybe the bulk of the coaching staff is accelerating their learning curve. But maybe we should continue to expect that this is just another hot streak soon to be followed by a cold streak and laments about the Hunts not spending. I’m probably one of the bigger homers and optimists on staff, but even I won’t give this an unreserved stamp of approval (even though I love any excuse to post GI Joe gifs).

Jose Carmona - All aboard the Cobra Express!

This team hasn't seen a good #9 in so long, that everyone has forgotten what a good #9 is supposed to do. He's supposed to score. He's supposed to maximize what little chances come his way.

The knocks against Cobra from FCD fans are numerous - He's not fast, he's not quick, he's not strong, he doesn't jump high, he doesn't press on defense, he doesn't pass well, he has a poor first touch, he's going to prevent the team from signing a big name #9, etc., etc., etc.

Fuck all that nonsense! Fuck all the naysayers!

Some players simply have a nose for the ball inside the box. Some players play better in real games, as opposed to practices. Some players are a lightning rod that energize everyone around them. Cobra is such a player, and he simply needed more than the 10 to 20 minutes he had been getting, to show what he could do.

The team is never going to sign a big name #9, cause the #9 of the future, will be Homegrown. In the meantime, the youngsters can learn from Cobra, what a real #9 should be doing on the field........scoring.

The Cobra Express has finally picked up some steam, and is speeding towards all our rivals backlines! All aboard the Cobra Express!

Drew Epperley - We need it to be

Let’s face it, the way the defense can play with this team and how Luchi’s possession system can work, it needs a poacher like Cobra to make it all come together. We’ve seen that in these last two games. We’ll probably see more of it against upcoming teams too that are just as weak and vulnerable in the defense (FCD has one of the easiest schedules left in MLS mind you).

In all reality though FCD just needs someone like this to keep the attack going. Personally, I don’t care if it is him, Dominque Badji, Jesus Ferreira or even someone like Michael Barrios. We just need a damn scorer to make it all come together.