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Scratching the Chalkboard: Jesus Take The Wheel

Whatever happens, keep Jesus on the field

MLS: Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Zdenek Ondrazek scoring two goals in the Texas Derby was certainly a highlight of the evening, as FC Dallas trashed Houston 5-1 during Rivalry Week. The Cobra’s strikes were crucial and gave the fan base an indication of “this is why we signed him”. But before Cobra did his thing, there was the thing about Jesus Ferreira rising to the occasion and taking this fixture by the horns.

Jesus Take The Wheel

Unsurprisingly, Paxton Pomykal was rested for this one. Despite it being a huge fixture, Pomykal had started to look gassed from his non stop work and play for FC Dallas and representing the USMNT at the U20 World Cup. Pomykal’s style of play can also be very taxing on the body, and it was appropriate to rotate him for this one.

Enter Jesus Ferreira.

Ferreira’s been a bit of an anomaly as a player at this level. Is he a striker, a second striker, an attacking midfielder? Ferreira doesn’t really have a fixed position at the moment other than “attacker”. Just make sure Ferreira is out there with the responsibility to create and score. It’s similar to Pomykal, though Paxton does prefer to mix it up defensively too.

Ferreira’s offensive chart vs HOU

This goal is everything that embodies FC Dallas. Forward. Progressive. Attacking. Relentless.

Houston was attacking and had possession, and in nine touches Dallas found the back of the net. With Domique Badji and Michael Barrios on the wings, it just makes sense to sometimes just run it at the opponent and force them to make the defensive play.

Ferreira actually scored twice but his second goal was called back for... I don’t really know. I do know what the ref said (offside infringement), but it certainly wasn’t clear and obvious error given it took multiple replays to figure out what was happening. But the composure and the finish really leaves you with a lovely taste in your mouth with what’s to come. Just keep Jesus on the field.

Cobra the Poacher?

After watching Cobra start, you can tell his fitness isn’t built for full 90 in 100 degree weather. (Then again, who’s is?) Below you’ll see all of Ondrasek’s touches. Yes, this is everything.

Ondrasek’s touches vs HOU

For context, he completed 10 passes versus his five shot attempts, and two of his passes were from the kick off! Cobra’s just not going to be overly involved in the buildup or possession, but rather plant himself between the two center backs and make himself as an option for anything inside the penalty area. It’s not very glamorous work and often times can be very frustrating not touching the ball for long periods of time, but this seems to be Cobra’s game when starting. \

It is crunch time for FC Dallas and their 2019 season. Right now Dallas needs goal scorers and if this 3G/1A output from the last two games kick starts a scoring run for Dallas. I know Luchi Gonzalez has set his sight on the #2 seed, and as long as Ferreira and Cobra keep contributing something, that may not be such a far fetch idea.