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East Stand View: Houston Fans vs FCD Fans

Houston sent a couple buses full of Orange people up here to witness the beat down.

Sunday was a hot and humid day in Frisco, with a steady breeze coming through that brought sweet cooling relief periodically. There was no relief for those that got to the game close to kickoff, however, as traffic was built up even 20 minutes before the match along with parking being filled quickly. The stadium got pretty darn packed, as it does when FC Dallas decides to give away a ton of free tickets. Two bus loads of Houston Dynamo fans also made their way into the stadium from the east side...

Houston Dynamo Fans

Definitely expected more of them to be filling up the section they were placed in. During years gone by I always remember an entire section of orange all going nuts. This game, however, it was maybe 35% full of orange people, with 10% being made up of caution tape draped along the chairs and the rest being split between a myriad of FC Dallas fans, Dynamo fans and empty seats. Gotta give the Dynamo fans credit, they sang for the entire time they were there. They really only got massive blowback in the form of boos when at 0-0 they began chanting “This is our house”, which, at 0-0 and with your supporters only occupying a third of a section is a chant that’ll get you boos. Because it’s a dumb time to do that chant.

Not going to say I was documenting everything going on between the Dynamo supporters and the FCD fans around them, but I certainly saw jawing going back and forth that ramped up around the second half. I looked over to see an Alex Jones-shaped FC Dallas fan, with a security person next to him (probably telling him to shut up), telling Houston supporters to come down and say ‘hi’ to him up close and personal. Houston supporters were motioning in return that the Alex Jones-shaped man come up to the Houston section to say ‘hi’ in person. Middle fingers were presented by both parties as one would imagine, and the jawing continued until it got boring.

Towards the 80th minute or so, the security guards around the Dynamo supporters section seemed to begin ushering all the Houston people out of the section to get them out of the stadium before the rest of the crowd released. A little weird for them to do that since normally visiting support wait for the stadium to clear before being escorted to their transportation. Can’t tell why security decided to make that decision, assuming it was for ‘safety’. Although singing “bye bye Houston!” was pretty amusing as they were escorted out. The rest of the crowd was more focused on the game at hand and the domination of the home team...

The Crowd!

Give out free tickets and everyone decides to show up! This was definitely one of the best crowds I’ve seen in a good while. The eastern side of the stadium was jam packed once everyone got seated, with the west and southern sides showing well. The Beer Garden was also jumping once the goals started pouring in. The whole stadium started following along with the Supporters group chants from what I could hear, and they even added an expletive to the viking chant which honestly made it much more enjoyable. Sorry kids.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Doesn’t Pepi have school in the morning? What’s he doing out here so late?”

Were you able to make it to Frisco for the All-Texas showdown? Were you near the Houston supporters section or more near the FC Dallas supporters section? If you didn’t make it to the game, what did you think of the crowd? Let me know in the comments below!