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East Stand View: FC Dallas Fans React!

Loving the reactions in both the first half and second half of this game.

MLS: FC Dallas at Montreal Impact Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

It was another scorching weekend in the DFW area this past weekend, with midday outside feeling like you were walking on the sun-facing side of Mercury. FC Dallas was in another country to take on the Montreal Impact in their enclosed stadium with a roof over it (hint hint Hunts). This game can best be split into the first hour, and the last thirty minutes of the match. The reactions of FC Dallas fans on each side of this split is both hilarious and head shaking. Full disclosure: my feelings on FC Dallas definitely went up and down through the course of this match as well.

First Hour

Within eight minutes of the match starting, this team was already down on the road and the pessimism was already starting to creep in.

1-0 down early is certainly discouraging. But there was time to catch up in my mind. We were playing a team we could certainly get something from and the scoreline wasn’t out of control. Then, unfortunately, the second Montreal goal was scored. That one stung a bit and pessimism rose.

Then the third goal went in. This is where I officially declared this season lost and over. My pessimism peaked seeing three to nothing in Montreal. To quote my feelings perfectly, Reddit user /u/bigballspewds put it eloquently: “i want to die”.

Last 30 minutes

“omg he scored lmao” - /u/NextDoorNeighbrrs when Cobra struck first for FC Dallas. Generally my reaction, was more happy for him than anything. Really didn’t think it would spark a comeback as my pessimism was honestly still very prevalent. Then...we win a penalty and...

Reto Ziegler made it 3-2 and all of the sudden watching this game got 1,000% more interesting result-wise! Then there was a corner kick given in favor of FC Dallas. Michael Barrios takes it, Ryan Hollingshead scores an equalizing header making it 3-3, and the fans were back!

Sorry everyone for a fairly long article. Wanted to just show the amazing turn around on social media reacting to our amazing turn around on the field of the Montreal Impact. This might be the spark that helps us push into the playoffs with only seven games remaining or it’ll just be a fun piece of FC Dallas trivia that’ll be brought up every time we face the Impact again in the future.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “WE’RE GOING TO MLS CUP!” - /u/pants6789

Were your emotions on a rollercoaster ride through this game as well? When did you start thinking a comeback was possible, or did you have faith the entire time? Do you think this game will spark us to go on a run for the playoffs, or just become a piece of FC Dallas lore? Did you like this article format? Let me know in the comments below!