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FC Dallas vs Montreal Impact: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the details from the crazy draw in Montreal

FC Dallas came from behind on Saturday night to tie the Montreal Impact 3-3.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

Overall thoughts on tonight’s match... A lot of highs and lows in the game. Obviously, I was disappointed with the first half. It was like we were tight. We didn’t play with a lot of confidence. We were not getting good spots and we weren’t brave enough to get into good spots. Our transition was slow. When we pressed, we weren’t together. Just, not good enough, and we spoke about it at the half. We had nothing to lose in the second half being down 2-0. We had to push the game. Sometimes, soccer is like that where you have two different halves. I don’t want to say our concepts were hugely improved in the second half, but we showed a lot more energy and commitment to push the game, to get forward, to get balls in the box, to press, to go for the game. We were able to tie it — it wasn’t a win, but certainly felt positive. It’s an important point for us, so we’ll take it under the circumstances. We’ll grow on this and know that we have the personalities to push through adversity. We have a locker room full of guys who will keep fighting for our jersey and not give up.

On the impact of tonight’s subs...Energy. They did it with energy. No fear mentality. It’s a good team, and they attacked us well. At some point, maybe it could have been 4-1 or could’ve changed the game. But the guys who came in closed things down, got guys in the box to create and combine to show courage. Even those losses of possession. The game was one where we had to take risks. We conceded, but those risks were rewarded by getting back into the game.

On the last goal off a corner kick...Two of the three [goals] came from set balls, and we’ve been working on those. I know one of those was on a PK and the other was a direct goal, so that’s positive. We want to score in different ways and have different players be able to score. We know that we can grow in our confidence to score on set pieces.

On what Cobra’s goal did for the game plan...3-0 is a tough moment, especially when I thought we had some good flashes before that. We didn’t give up. An individual like Cobra to come in at halftime to show energy and help us get back into the game with the first goal shows a lot about him. He’s had mixed opportunities, but he’s working every day. He’s connecting with this locker room, supporting them whether he plays or doesn’t. He earned the opportunity to come in today and he took advantage. Congrats to him and his teammates.

On Bryan’s first MLS start...I was very proud of Bryan, and I actually thought he played well. It was a tactical adjustment to take him out at half. He had some good defensive actions and he kept the ball pretty well. We would’ve liked him to be more aggressive to get in behind, to penetrate, to find isolations, get a service. We went with a tactical change, and he deserved to start. No discredit to him, he’s going to have a great future and he’s going to give a lot for this shirt.

FC Dallas midfielder Bryan Reynolds

Overall thoughts on the game...The first half it was kind of slow. We were defending the whole time and we could not organize a good press, so we came back at half time and Luchi told us what to do, and that’s what we did, just go out there and don’t worry about the score, just go play by play, and I’m proud of the guys that came in, Cobra came in and scored a goal that was huge for us and that started the comeback and overall I’m just glad I got my first start, and I’m glad the team came back from 3-0 down.

On his first start...Obviously, it is a relief, and it’s just the first one and it feels good. I played 45 minutes and I gave it all I could and then Luchi Gonzalez told me he made a tactical sub and he wanted to put in a nine, and we can’t go wrong and thank the coach for making a good decision and help the team out, and you have to do what’s best for the team. Obviously, what [Luchi] did helped the team, he helped the team out, and I’m proud of Luchi and the guy who came in.

On the takeaways from this game for the Texas Derby...Just never give up no matter what. I mean, 3-0 down and away is unheard of to come back, and we are going to take that and let that fuel us and never give up and if we played like we did in the second half for 90 minutes then I feel like we are going to be good.

FC Dallas forward Zdenek Ondrasek

On scoring his first MLS goal…Happy. Slightly disappointed because of course I scored the goal, but I see the bad things too. I lost the ball before the third goal and a last-minute header. It’s a big challenge in this part of the season, in this situation, we need the goals. So of course I’m happy I scored. We got the point, but today we had a big chance to get three points. On the comeback in the second half…This is so important for all the young guys and everyone in this club to see that you shouldn’t give up until the last whistle. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3-0, whatever. We have to fight until the end. If we had scored a fourth goal, it would be amazing. Now it’s nice, but it’s a big lecture for the young guys. You shouldn’t give up, no matter what’s happening in the game. Until the last whistle we should play at 100% and go for it.

On Bryan Reynolds’ first start…Oh congrats. I didn’t know. It wasn’t an easy game for him because in the first half we didn’t really play how we wanted. We had individual mistakes, collective mistakes. We gave them two goals and we didn’t create much. So it wasn’t easy for him because it was his first start and the team should help him. Today was very difficult. He has to learn from it. He has to keep his head up and work hard because he is talented. He has it inside, but he has to work.

What does the team have to work on before heading into the Texas Derby match against Houston? First of all, the team has to relax. This week was very hard. We have to learn from the mistakes because we conceded five goals in two games. So, relax. Look at the last two games and get ready for war. There is no easy game. Especially the Derby. The Derby is always special. We have to go for it. We have to do everything to score more goals than the opponent.

FC Dallas goalkeeper Jesse Gonzalez

Overall thoughts on the game...We did well to come back from the two mistakes we had in the first half. I think the team did a great job tonight, and I give them credit for that.

On 250 saves coming up...I think it’s great, it shows we’re working well here in Dallas. I give a lot of credit to goalkeeper Drew Keeshan. He’s kept me in the right path, and he deserves most of the credit.

On the team coming backI think that’s part of our model we have. I think if someone makes a mistake, someone is going to be there to help you out. I think the team has done a great job helping me, especially against Minnesota. I had a bad game, and they pushed me to do my best. Tonight, we showed the great model we have. We mad two mistakes in the back, but we kept working and the whole team gets to celebrate this point.

How important the point will be for playoff hopes...This point means a lot. If we make the playoffs, hopefully, this is going to mean a lot. We have a great team to put us in a great position. The derby is going to be a huge three points since it’s in our conference. If we win, we’re going to get a huge three points that are going to help us qualify.