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What we learned in FC Dallas’ 2-0 loss to the LA Galaxy

I’ve seen worse.

MLS: FC Dallas at LA Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas failed to secure any points in Wednesday night’s game against the LA Galaxy. It’s not a surprising result, but it was close at times. It’s the kind of game that you shrug your shoulders at and take for what it is. Sometimes you get beat. This team still has a chance at the playoffs, but beating the Galaxy in Carson wasn’t a critical part of that roadmap. It did feel like the team is building on something and may give Montreal some trouble.

Rough night for Reg

We love him, but tonight wasn’t a great showing. Working against a guy like Christian Pavon is never going to be easy. We forget Reggie Cannon is only 21-years old and expect him to pocket anyone in front of him. And he has for the most part. But he was in the wrong for most of the Galaxy’s chances and gave up the penalty.

He probably leaves this off-season and he deserves it. But I wouldn’t have minded bringing in some veteran depth to back him up and push him a little bit. That’s a narrative sports writers spin a lot: that a player needs someone behind them or they get complacent and don’t perform their best. I don’t always buy it. Especially not with Reggie. I can’t imagine him taking his position for granted. However, with only Bryan Reynolds behind him at right back (who hasn’t looked strong in the role) he doesn’t have anyone to bail him out on nights like this. We’ve seen Luchi Gonzalez sub him out if needed, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep an Eric Alexander type on the roster to make the right back position more comfortable. FCD could also target someone in the Superdraft. We haven’t seen much of John Nelson since the early season, but he’s shown that there is some value to be found in the draft. The last idea is that you could train someone like Edwin Cerrillo or Jacori Hayes there. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both good midfielders. It’s not their fault that they have Paxton Pomykal, Bryan Acosta, and now Brandon Servania to compete with. It could make both of them more valuable assets to the team going forward if they added some positional versatility to their game.

Signs of life

I think this attacking combination is the best we get this season. They’re demonstrating good chemistry and have looked competitive in both of their games. The Santiago Mosquera cross to Jesus Ferreira with the Michael Barrios dummy is the most interconnected I’ve seen the attack. Having multiple runners in the box sure feels nice.

Dominque Badji, while not great, continually shows great effort. His hold up play is improving as Barrios takes a bigger role in the attack and finds himself drifting centrally. Having Ferreira behind him gives him more options and allows him to make more meaningful passes. He ended up with two key passes, but I was most impressed by his diving effort to retain possession after a misplaced pass.

The Acosta-Pomykal engine in midfield is going strong. Acosta shows his defensive prowess more and more each game. I think the front office got their guy with him. We’ve had a lot of DP trouble in recent years, but he’s not part of it.

Mosquera’s recent form has balanced out the attack and added another creator to the arsenal. I singled him out in my rant a few weeks ago, but his play has really turned around since then. He seems to be a confidence dependent player and he’s full of it after last week. Hopefully this injury doesn’t keep him out too long and he can continue finding his role in the attack.

I don’t want a Zlatan

I have complained so much about the front office not spending big on a flashy DP. So have a lot of fans. But seeing a superstar team in action doesn’t feel the same as watching our guys compete. It’s probably because our guys are our guys and their guys are their guys, but I found myself rolling my eyes when Zlatan Ibrahimovic starting mouthing off to Jesse Gonzalez after the penalty. Jesse talks a lot too and maybe he started it. But I can’t imagine any of our attackers doing anything like that. Reto Zeigler probably would, but that’s beside the point.

I’m proud of the high character players that the team continually brings in. Even guys like Roland Lamah who just stopped through for a season or two really make you want to cheer for them. They must really be building something special in the locker room to continually attract players that are hard working and just so easy to like. Look at Cobra. He hasn’t done squat on the field, but people clamor for him and defend him because of his off the field contributions. Do I expect him to be here next year? No. But I won’t claim that likeable guys aren’t important to the greater team chemistry. And we’ve got quite a few.

Am I delusional for not wanting a big ego DP? Would you invest in right back depth? How do you feel about this attacking combo? Let me know in the comments and as always thank you for reading.