"We have to make the playoffs!"

During Saturday's broadcast Steve Davis stated that Luchi told him "we have to make the playoffs!". The way Davis described it Luchi was very strong with this statement and reiterated it multiple times. Davis didn't fill in the context of that statement (i.e., was Luchi responding to a question or was this something he initiated himself) so it isn't easy for me to evaluate it, but it left me with two thoughts.

That's a dumb thing to say

First, that kind of statement leaves no room for a coach or owner - you have to deliver or you lose credibility. I liken it to Dan Hunt's statement about a significant summer signing and the discontent that has resulted from not following through. So what happens if we don't make the playoffs (in my mind a very likely possibility)? What then Luchi? Should you be fired? Should the team clean house? Should we all become Inter Miami fans? There's an unspoken "or else" in there. If Dallas doesn't make the playoffs and nothing happens to Luchi or the team, fans will mentally check out on the coach (and team). Not smart.

Why did he say it?

What's the point of this statement? Is it a defense against the accusation that the team is more interested in selling homegrowns than challenging for MLS Cup? Is it an attempt to fire up his own players? Is it simply a poorly worded attempt to emphasize the importance of the playoffs to the franchise? Is this coming from him or the FO? Or is this Luchi feeling some heat? I really don't know and Davis wasn't real clear what the context was. I got the impression that it was given primarily as a defense against the "Dallas is only interested in selling players" accusation but maybe that's not it. All I know is that it seems reactionary and makes me less confident in both the coach and the FO. Frankly, it comes across as another example of poor communication with the fan base by FCD, intentional or not.