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FC Dallas vs Minnesota United FC: Player Ratings

A sensational victory, means sensational ratings, maybe.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas defeated several of their own demons, en route to a scintillating 5-3 win over Minnesota United FC.

Note: 6 is the rating given for an average MLS performance

Man of the Match: Brandon Servania (7.8) - You can make an argument for Barrios (MLS Team of the Week) and Paxton for MOTM, as they both were instrumental in the five-goal outburst. I however, will go with the player that did the most, in the shortest amount of time.

Look, you guys can argue with me on this, but the truth is that at the time Servania entered the match, we were all talking about:

Yeah, I can already here some of you denying this, but when I say everyone, I mean:

Less than 10 minutes after entering the match, Servania scored the game winning goal:

Making his first goal of the season the game winner, wasn’t enough for Brandon:

His second goal sealed the match, and sent all of us into jubilation.

Jesse Gonzalez (5.5) - Jesse is the one player that didn't have a good game. Yes he made some saves, but most times you allow three goals past you, it costs the team three points.

Reggie Cannon (7.0) - Reggie has some games where he brightens everyone around him, and everyone watching, with his youthful exuberance and actions. Saturday, was one such day:

You may believe that my rating is rather harsh on Reggie, considering his goal. Then allow me to remind you of this:

Reto Ziegler (6.3) - Reto had a rather forgettable day at the office. He had seven recoveries, but otherwise struggled. The communication between the backline was an issue through out the match.

Matt Hedges (6.5) - Matt while not having the best of games, was also not having a bad game, and the fans should hope that his injury is minor, and will not cost him to miss a match.

Ryan Hollingshead (6.5) - Ryan Some of you are looking at this rating, and thinking it's too high. All I'll say about that, is there's a reason Ryan is going to win Workhorse of the week.

Bryan Acosta (7.0) - Acosta was a bit of an unsung hero. All but forgotten over the heroics of others. He was an integral part on both sides of the ball, playing more like a box to box midfielder, than a defensive rock the likes of Gruezo. Acosta would finish with two tackles, two clearances, and 13 recoveries on defense. He also had four shot attempts (1 on goal), one key pass, he beat one defender on the dribble, and 84.7% passing accuracy.

Paxton Pomykal (7.4) - Paxton was masterful in pulling the strings of an attack that produced five goals. While he himself only had the one assis, his passing directly resulted in three other goals:

Jesus Ferreira (6.8) - Jesus played next to Paxton in the midfield, and played really well. Who could have guessed that his biggest highlight would be on defense?:

Santiago Mosquera (7.2) - Santi continues to improve his play from week to week, and is finally starting to find his range:

Michael Barrios (8.2) - Michael has managed the quietest of double digit assist season. Any other day, his three assist night, would have garnered him MOTM.

Dominique Badji (6.4) - On a day when the attack was firing on all cylinders, Badji was not:


Bressan (6.4) - Bressan had a really good match, if you can look past him and Reggie getting torched on the 3rd Minnesota goal.

Zdenek Ondrasek (6.0) - Cobra may not have scored yet again, but he was dangerous and more involved in the attack than Badji ever was.


Luchi Gonzalez (7.8) - Hopefully this is a sign that Luchi is fighting out how to best use his young team. With his defense struggling, and the season slipping away, Luchi made the right adjustments.