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East Stand View: Hottest Game of the Year!

Figuratively and literally, this was the most caliente game of 2019.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This FC Dallas game against Minnesota United was about as hot as it gets. Temperature wise, it felt like you were on the sun-facing side of the planet Mercury with you being unsure if humans should be there. Goal scoring wise, it felt like you were on the Six Flags’ ride Superman, going up and down while wondering if you’re really safe. Surprisingly, the attendance was quite good and it made the parking a little tricky if you arrived a little before the whistle. If you missed this game, you sincerely missed out on what might be the best home game of the year.

First Half

A good amount of folks were still trickling in when the beginning whistle was blown. What that meant was those people had a pretty terrible time with parking, as the lots filled up pretty well. And also, we also missed Carli Lloyd scarfing the Lamar Hunt. With the heat index reaching a blistering 107 degrees, you really can’t blame us for showing up at the last second though. I really should be a little more tan after that game, but no such luck.

It wasn’t all bad news though! If you’re a Chase card holder, you got $1 water bottles. Which may have saved some people, but if you had any Bank of America friends you may have had to do them a solid during the match. Although, you may have sweated an entire water bottle worth of water in about five minutes if you were sitting in the un-shaded area. Although the shade finally covered the stands around the 35th minute. Then, if you were on the northern east side of the stadium, you had a first hand look at Santi’s insane cross/goal to put us in front. You almost couldn’t believe it. Partially cause it reminded me so much of Blas Perez’ goal against Vancouver all those years ago, but also partially because Mosquera scored a goal.

Second Half

With more shade covering the east side of the stadium, and the Beer Garden seemingly remembering how to coordinate and chant as one, the second half was just as amazing as the first half with it being a little more comfortable. Although, it did seem like the Beer Garden was a little less packed than usual. Normally it’s overflowing with crazed and beer soaked supporters, but this go around it was a little less than packed. Then the red card at the end had everyone asking questions until social media got around to informing us after that one of our players got spit on. Kinda gross. Then it was time for the happy trek back to remote parking.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Eric Alexander effect” - /u/last_strip_of_bacon. Perfect post game reaction.

Did you make it out to this wild match? What was your strategy to surviving in this extreme heat? Was this your favorite game of the year so far, and if not, which one tops this one? Let me know in the comments below!