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FC Dallas vs Minnesota United: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas’ big win over Minnesota.

FC Dallas picked up a much-needed win and offensive outburst on Saturday night as they downed Minnesota United 5-3.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

General thoughts...Life, when you have adversity, I mean they came back three times. Three times and they wouldn’t let down. They tied it, it sucked the wind in the moment but as soon as it was kickoff it was 3-3, they refused to lose. I thought it was a good week, we competed, we pushed each other. Guys that came off the bench today that weren’t coming off the bench before, they earned the opportunity tonight and they took advantage of it. I love this roster, this is our roster, this is our team, this is our family [we have competing] to push in the last third of the season. This is our group, this is what we have, this is what we love and we’re going to push and fight for each other. A game that we conceded three, that’s not ideal, but our defense has been big time many times in the season, and it was time for the offense to step up. We created crosses, we got guys in the box, we got more numbers in the box in good areas and we were pretty relentless in getting the right kind of service and it got us the win tonight. We pushed to the end, we didn’t give up and we need to not get comfortable, not get satisfied and know that we have a challenge next week. We have two road trip games, but that’s opportunity where we want to gain momentum from tonight. Our fans were pushing us and we’re thankful we could reward them with a win. Our focus now is on the mid-week fixture with LA Galaxy and that’s an in-conference game so not a lot of time [to prepare]. It’s a mid-week fixture, not a lot of time to enjoy this game. We certainly enjoyed it, we pushed it, we suffered, but I thought we won more moments than them. I thought we weren’t perfect [in some of the game]. We lost moments, but then we had more winning moments in terms of possession, creation, recovery, pressing and energy. If we can win more moments than the opposition, we’re going to win more points, we’re going to win more games. We’ll carry this into the next round and looking forward to Wednesday.

On the team responding better than in previous games...We are working and trying to master the way we’re playing. We’ve conceded, we’ve conceded on the build. We give the ball away, they put it back in, we couldn’t get it back out, we scored, we’re not going abandon it. We’re going keep working to master it, to make it better. It’s work and we’re there for each other. How many times has Jesse [Gonzalez] bailed us out of games? It was time for the offense to step it up and that’s what we want to do, to be there for each other. We have to just keep working. We do that and we can be more consistent and win more moments over 90 minutes, whether it’s the first minute or the 90th minute, more moments over a game.

On the team effort...We believe anybody can score at any moment. We have to be able to score at any moment. It’s my job, it’s my staff’s job to make sure we don’t make this up, a rare occasion, that we have to create every game with this way with this conviction and with the right shape because if you’re committing numbers you can also see Minnesota is very good on the count. They could have punished us even after the fourth goal. We prevailed and we’re going keep proving our shape to get numbers in the box but, also try to win those second, third balls when they come out so, we can maintain possession of the ball or at least kill the counter.

On the development of the fluidity of the team...I have a great locker room. I think we have great human beings and the loss last week to Orlando was tough, but it was an opportunity for us to meet and just talk, express, give each other feedback, listen to the players, listen to what they would like to do in training and what they would want to improve. They listen to us and were really honest in the moment. We felt it was a good time in these last ten games of the season. This is a locker room with great human beings, and we’re going to protect this culture and make sure that everyone in this locker room, personnel, staff, players, people are connected and good teammates on and off the field and allow us to push no matter what the moment.

FC Dallas midfielder Paxton Pomykal

Overall thoughts on the game… Ups and downs. Obviously, we got to be happy that we netted five tonight, especially with the drought in goals we’ve had in our recent games. That’s a positive but I think some of their goals were pretty soft and we’re going to have to, at the same we’re really excited and happy with the win, but we’re going to have to hone in on why that happened and why we had breakdowns.

On scoring five goals…It feels great to know we trained really hard this week and we wanted it really badly. You could tell tonight. All the guys had one thing in mind and that was to get the three points. At the end of the day we have nine games, left regardless of how we play, it could be the difference in making playoff or not.

What was different about this game… We finished tonight. There’ve been numerous occasions where we had 20-plus shots and great opportunities and unfortunately, they didn’t go in the back of the net. Tonight we were very clinical in front of goal and sometimes that’s what it takes to get big numbers on the scoreboard.

FC Dallas midfielder Brandon Servania

On his first goal and connecting with Michael BarriosWe’ve been watching in film, he’s been getting good balls across there’s just no one to tap it in, so just try to make that effort to get where I have to be and just tap it in.

On the second goal...Pretty much the same thing honestly. Down there, Paxton [Pomykal] pretty much dribbled the whole team so, I was just there to tap it in. It was good to get the three points.

On scoring his first MLS goal...It feels amazing. As subs, we try to bring a spark, bring some energy to that team, trying to push for the win and I think we did a pretty good job at doing that and just glad to get those three points.

On the homegrown connection with Paxton Pomykal in his second goal...It was obviously super special. Pax was doing his thing and I just had to get there in the right spot. It felt good and just glad to get that celebration with Pax.

On what a win like this does for the team’s confidence...They were in form but, we were confident. We knew that we had to bounce back after the performance in Orlando and I think we did a good job in preparing for that in training and we just came out and protected our fortress so, it felt good to get three points.