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East Stand View: Three Games, One Week!

You missed 3 games, I’ll run them down for you since you missed’em!

FC Dallas vs Montreal Impact: Game Photos

There was a ton of soccer this weekend, between the Women’s World Cup final, the Copa America final, and the Gold Cup final. If watching those games put you in the mood to attend a professional soccer game in Frisco, bad news, you missed three opportunities to do so this past week. Our boys in red do not have another home game until Real Salt Lake come to town on the 27th of this month. In this article, I’ll be running down the three games in case you missed them, or letting you relive moments that were there in case you were there and just want to reminisce. We’ll start with the only one that had any goals...

July 4th, DC United

How fitting was it that FC Dallas welcomed an English legend to the stadium on the day we celebrate our independence from England. Wayne Rooney was in the house, and the number of Rooney jerseys in the house was the highest it has ever been. The referee tried to replicate the expulsion of the English by issuing Wayne a red card for a crazy tackle on our Michael Barrios, but rescinded it because he was famous? Seemed like a red card offense to me seeing it in real time.

The stadium was absolutely packed with word about how awesome the fireworks show is after the game really getting out in recent years. With three points in the pocket and a solid view from the stadium seats, it was another amazing 4th of July at Toyota Stadium. The traffic and parking wasn’t the most fun...but at least there were goals in this game as opposed to the other two matches on Sunday...

July 7th, FC Dallas vs Tijuana

A few major, but brief, points here were that it was incredibly hot, I did not sit on the east side as it was an oven, I don’t like friendlies in the middle of a season, and it looked like a midweek game on a Sunday. It was great seeing Papi again and he interacted with what crowd there was, but it seemed like the Mexico vs USA game (and possibly the Copa America game) took priority over this one as there weren’t a good number of fans for either game this Sunday.

Oh, and Pablo Aranguiz got a red card after being almost useless the first half. My island of support for the Chilean is about toe-size.

July 7th, NTSC vs Greenville Triumph

What Tijuana fans were here for the game before were gone and there was maybe a crowd of...literally almost nobody. There were more people on the pitch/sidelines than there were in the stands I’m fairly certain. Although if you count the clean up crews after the Tijuana game the number may be inflated for the attendees. This was a snore fest, which is unfortunate because normally NTSC scores a good amount of goals when they play. They’re still first in USL League One!

No fan quote of the night for these three games, just a resounding congrats to the USWNT and their World Cup win. Fantastic job ladies!

Did you make it out to any of the three games played this past week? If you did, which did you go to and how was it? Should we be playing friendlies in the middle of MLS season? Let me know in the comments below!