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FC Dallas vs D.C. United: Highlights, Stats and Quote sheet

All the facts from FCD’s win over DCU.

FC Dallas picked up a 2-0 win Thursday night over ten-man D.C. United.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

General thoughts...Obviously, we know what happened last week, that was a lesson, the Portland one. Any adversity we go through in terms of lost points or loss opportunity, it’s more energy and to channel it into running the other way in the future. So, we did that, and I really liked the way we ended that game, the Portland game, and I asked the boys to just continue that into this game and I felt we did that. We pushed the game and I think D.C. was unfortunate with the red card there at the end, but that’s not our problem, we just have to keep playing and pushing the game no matter the circumstances. I thought we closed the game in a positive way, trying to get the third goal, trying to create more and that’s positive and we don’t want to relax. We want to maintain our hunger to now prepare to get guys minutes against Xolos and give them the opportunity to be ready for this club, for this family and then we’ll prepare and start to focus for Minnesota. Overall, very pleased, but we can always do better. We could have scored three, we should have so that’s my message. We can do better.

On how the second half red card impacted their game plan... You never know with those things. Sometimes a team can go a man down and they push and they’re desperate and the other team relaxes with 11. I’ve seen teams with ten play better. So, you never know and that’s important. I thought the group showed maturity, to have a man advantage and take care of the ball and possess it and attack and transition and press. I thought that was a good showing considering we were a man up.

On what’s the difference this week...Learn. Since last week, we buckled down and saw video, we showed accountability and a desire to be open and take feedback and communicate to each other to do better the next time we’re in that situation. It was a little different, just because they were a man down, but I thought we showed maturity and we grew from last week to this one. We want to keep on it.

On what he told the players coming back from halftime...I’m going to give Jesse [Gonzalez] some credit, he didn’t get a lot of action, but that one save is so important. It shows him that he’s aware of his box, he’s ready. At the half, we talked about being different, being different in terms of can do we better, can we have a better half the second half than the first. That was the challenge, we said, ‘Hey, you have a decision. You go out there and you decide if you want to push the game or are you satisfied.’ That was the word we used, ‘Are you satisfied? Are you going to push the game?’ They obviously showed on the field. They want to push the game. Congrats to them and we’ll keep working on it.

On Paxton Pomykal getting fouled quickly and if it’s a concern...No, I love it because it means he’s a marked player, he’s a scouted player. They’re putting extra attention on him, that’s a great opportunity to just grow maturation, you saw that in the U-20 World Cup. He gets double-teamed and there’s fouls coming out of it. I think he’s doing a great job to receive it and play and embrace it. He knows that that’s positive for the team to draw the fouls, to keep showing strength in the body language even though he gets contact. That shows maturation and he’s not afraid of it.

On the two international friendlies...Good opportunities to play guys and get minutes, it’s good experience for our roster. It’s great, get to see Oscar [Pareja] , he’s a model to me and I get to give him a hug and see him share stories and share experiences. It’s a great opportunity on and off the field. At the end of the day, our number one focus is resting tonight, being prepared for good training on Saturday, taking advantage of the scrimmage and shows and then our mentality is focusing on growing towards Minnesota.

FC Dallas midfielder Paxton Pomykal

General thoughts on the match...Feels good, especially at home all the fans came out big crowd, that helps us a lot, gives us energy.

On the fluidity in the midfield...Everybody being on the same wavelength, when one man pressed, we all pressed and we stuck to our game plan, so not only myself in the midfield but Bryan Acosta and Brandon Servania covered a lot of ground and we combined really well.

On the return of Santiago Mosquera...He played really well, the energy was there, the effort especially which we appreciate, getting back, getting for, he covered a lot of ground, I’m happy for him.

On whether or not this can start a positive run...I mean every game is its own challenge, so we take it game by game, this is the first win and hopefully we can start a streak, but this is an important game and we got 3 points. But at the end of the day, each game stands on its own and we are happy we got the win.

FC Dallas forward Dominique Badji

On the importance of the win...It was very important to get the win. Last game was hard for us, so anxious waiting for this one to get back on track and get back to winning ways.

On the bounceback performance...Great to get all 3 points. That’s what we came out to do, that game against Portland we had a good second half, but that left a sour taste in our mouths, and honestly, we took it out on DC and got the win.

On coming on as an impact sub...The wings were dangerous, as always. As a 9, just get in the box and you will get opportunities. They are not always great, but they all count the same.

On playing in the No. 9 role...That’s my position, so it was nice to be able to get a taste of that again, but ultimately just happy to be able to get back on the score sheet and happy to get three points and hope we can get three points next week.

On the return of Santiago Mosquera and Bryan Acosta to the starting lineup...Very crucial, Santi’s dangerous and outside backs and center backs don’t want to play against him, he’s very crafty. Also, when we have Bryan in the middle, more solid base, he’s a very good defender and is dangerous going forward. With them healthy, we are a very dangerous team.

FC Dallas midfielder Bryan Acosta

On starting his first game since returning from Gold Cup(I felt) good. I think it was a very complete game. We worked really hard from the start and what’s important is that we got the three points at home.

On what was working for FC Dallas’ midfield tonight…We were all playing toward the same goal, we were all playing at the same rhythm. We all wanted to win the game, we all wanted to do good things. That showed during the game and it’s good that we got the win.

On Santiago Mosquera’s game tonight…The whole world knows Santi. I think he’s a very good player, he contributes a lot. I think part of the game moved through him and, truthfully, it’s a privilege for us having him as a teammate, he helps support us and win games. I’m happy that he was the player of the game today.

On what this win means after two not so great results for FC Dallas…(It means) a lot. It’s always good to add three points, more so at home where we have to be the stronger team and we have to win the games we have here. I’m grateful for my teammates, the coaching staff and God who gave us the opportunity to add three points and we hope to win another three in the next game as well.

FC Dallas midfielder Brandon Servania

On how he felt out there...I felt really confident today, I just have to keep that momentum going. I think everyone had a really good game today. As a team we pushed, we all knew that we were coming in trying to get the three points. We weren’t really going to accept anything less today, so we all did a really good job. I think everyone helped me, it’s probably one of the best games I’ve played so far. Hopefully I can just continue this.

On the impact of controlling the tempo...I think today it was big to keep possession and counter when it’s on. I think a big thing for us is knowing when we transition whether we should counter right away or whether we should possess it, and then find the right time to break lines and go forward. I think today we did a good job of that, just coming out and continue going forward.