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East Stand View: Two No Calls

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The two talking points from this game were those no calls.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As the title suggests, you’re going to get a rant about the two no calls from the referee. The goal scoring for this game may have been ice cold, but sitting in the stands (especially in the first half) were blistering hot with a sunny 90+ degree day in Frisco. Real Salt Lake was in town to remind us all that Kyle Beckerman really did finally cut all his hair off. They also reminded us that our team is bang average and they did that by dominating a lot of the game. We’d be up despite the stats if the referees liked us more...

Those Were Pens

Unbelievable. Watching it live, it was pretty darn clear that our guys were getting taken down in the box at least on two separate occasions. Now, being able to watch the replays, it’s even more clear that they were penalties. If this was in Salt Lake City, those would’ve been called against us. I would bet this free pen to my left on that. Since we were in Toyota Stadium though, and FC Dallas isn’t one of the heavy hitters in the league, we get given a load of turds in the form of refereeing decisions. Not even VAR could save us from the bias. The crowd let him here it, but it seems like that never seems to work...

Crowd Pressure

Maybe part of the problem for FC Dallas not getting some of the benefit of the doubt calls while at home may be the problem of lack of crowd noise? We all know referees can sometimes give the home team a little more sympathy across many sports, but when I see the yellow men perform at Toyota Stadium, it’s rarely the case. When was the last time we got an awarded penalty at home? April 13th against the Portland Timbers**. We’ve only been rewarded three penalties this season with two of them being at home. Only three teams have been rewarded less penalties so far this season. Is it a lack of dynamic dribblers? Barrios is supernaturally fast and Mosquera can trick a defender or two so not sure that’s it. Is it lack of crowd pressure or PRO bias against a franchise that rarely gets love from MLS? Tin foil hat on, yeah I think so.

**(Not counting the 4-0 win over Oklahoma since that was a blowout and at SMU’s soccer stadium).

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Well, that was a soccer game.”

So am I just being whiny when I say we never get any calls our way or do you see it too? Do you think bigger crowds and more pressure may sway decisions a little more our way? Why do you think we are ranked near the bottom of penalties? Let me know in the comments below!