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FC Dallas vs Real Salt Lake: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the details from Saturday’s draw.

FC Dallas and Real Salt Lake put on a defensive performance Saturday night in a 0-0 draw.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

General thoughts...Points positive, we’re adding to the goal for the points. I believe adding points home or away is positive but, obviously we are here at home and we want to always dominate and earn three points, we want to push the weight. I thought we had a lot of moments where we pushed, but a little inconsistent. In terms of the ball possessions, Salt Lake did a good job in recovering and then transitioning for counters and that stretched us so, then we had to drop our block that builds our long-run so, that we have to do recovery. We have to keep working in our prevention in high-attacks, in quick-attacks, getting our line up and not allowing them to attack us back. We have to simulate that and prove that. And then, around the box, we had more crosses than them but, they had more shots on target. That tells me we need to work on efficiency, creating the shot for a teammate, for yourself. We need shots, we need shots on target. If we don’t shoot, we can’t score and then, following that shot, following the rebound. I think we could have had a little more conviction and to push that. That’s not the forward’s job, that’s everybody’s job, that’s everybody’s job to create shots and to follow them up. That’s something we have to do better if we’re gonna make sure we can guarantee ourselves three points. I have to be proud of the overall idea, the effort and that’s a shutout that was earned by our back line, by Jesse [Gonzalez], he made some important saves. It’s also a product of I think pushing the game and keeping them away from our goal as much as possible. Here we are, we’ll add a point and let’s add more in Orlando. That’s the thought right now.

On Jesse Gonzalez’s performance...Jesse has always had talent, I just continually see him mature and develop and train well to prove his distribution, to prove his reactions and saves, where he’s giving up rebounds. I’m really happy with his progress, we need him to continue to contribute for us to get as far as we can this season.

If the outcome is disappointing...We want to separate from the teams that our near us and us moving in a positive direction. Yeah, we’re disappointed. We don’t play for this point, we have to be better. There’s still a lot of positives in terms of the game that I can take away and if I look at the series, four points from the home and away, that’s good, but we want six, we were pushing for six. If we dropped one against one, we want at least the three here at home. We’re going to keep pushing it, now we have Orlando who is fighting for their conference. That’s a team that plays well, they’ve got some talent but, we’re very determined to respond after this home game to earn the points back next week.

On what Paxton Pomykal brought to the game...It’s good to have Paxton back, healthy and confident. We build him into the game and he made an immediate impact, he was breaking his line, pressing, he helped dispossess them in his first play of the game. He was positive and he contributed and it’s good to have him back in the groove to help us be optimal.

On Zdenek Ondrasek playing in his first game since May...This roster is different every game, we’re a developing club, it’s our identity and just because you don’t make a roster or do make a roster doesn’t mean you’re going to make it the next game or not make it. Every week is a competition and we felt these were the 18 that could contribute and help us win a game. Having the second team is such a great tool now and a pathway to help our first team players be first team ready. As it did with [Brandon] Servania, as it’s done with Thomas [Roberts], now with Edwin [Cerrillo], Pepi. Those are things we always want to balance, making sure guys are getting minutes where they can, our young players, so they’re not going consecutive weeks without valuable game minutes and having our roster compete and earning their opportunity. So, the 18 we picked today were the ones we felt, with the circumstances, earned the right to play today.

FC Dallas Defender Reggie Cannon

On the team’s performanceI think there were so many positives tonight, we killed them, we dominated them. Even though the score was 0-0 and we weren’t able to put the ball in the back of the net, we had plenty of chances. Their chances were half chances. They only had one or clear opportunities, we had 6 or 7, it was very clear for us that we were the dominant team tonight. The next step for this team is going to be learn how to come together and put the ball in the back of the net with some consistency. We trust everyone, we trust our forwards, like [Dominique] Badji, we trust Jesus [Ferreira], we trust whoever is going to step up in this position. I couldn’t imagine how tough it is being a forward, but eventually this team is going to find a to put the ball in the back of the net and we are going to be the most dangerous team in the league.

On his 50th start for FC Dallas...It’s a great achievement for myself. It feels like new beginnings. It started when I got a shot at the beginning of last year and I dug my way into the team and earned a starting spot. Luchi has helped me improve my game to the next level, so it’s a huge milestone for me because I love this club and I love giving everything to FC Dallas, so it’s a great feeling to feel cemented and almost be a veteran. It’s a great feeling and I give my life for this club.

FC Dallas midfielder Bryan Acosta

On what positives FC Dallas can take from this game…The positives are the options we created. We had a variety of opportunities to score, we couldn’t, that’s how these games are. Rivals come here to play and to try to complicate things for us. We have to take advantage of this next week of work for what’s ahead.

On what having the second-best defensive record in the West means to the team...A lot. We work on that a lot during the week, we work to not concede goals. However, this isn’t just about not conceding goals we have to score them too. We had some chances tonight that we couldn’t take advantage of but next Saturday we get our next chance to try and go after the three points.

On how important Jesse Gonzalez is to what FC Dallas is defensively…We know how capable Jesse is, we know is a great goalkeeper. He always keeps us secure and he contributes a lot. Like I said, we have to try and complete our attacking plays so we can score because we know that Jesse will respond if something happens on the other end.

FC Dallas goalkeeper Jesse Gonzalez

On his second-half punch out that resulted in a close-range shot by RSL which he saved…From the first cross they sent in I feel like I could’ve resolved it better but you have to keep yourself calm and look for a way to keep out the second ball.

On what he has improved on throughout the season and the change in his personal play style resulting from changing coaches…I think it’s the confidence that the manager instills in you. Since Oscar was here, the confidence has always been there but now that they want me to play more with my feet that’s something we work on day in and day out and it’s something that has benefited me a lot.

On the contrasting feelings of keeping a clean sheet but not being able to get the win at home:That’s the life of a goalkeeper. You do your job in the back and up front if they don’t score then you still kept a clean sheet. You have to keep instilling confidence in your players in front of you.

On what he has learned facing Nick Rimando throughout the RSL keeper’s career:A lot of things. Rimando also plays a lot with his feet, something I really like a lot from him. His footwork and the way he saves is something spectacular.

FC Dallas midfielder Brandon Servania

On positives of tonight’s match…Coming into the second half we did better, we were more organized in the middle. They had a lot of numbers in the middle, I think in the second half we were able to organize a little bit better, our press worked a little bit better, but we’re a little disappointed in not getting three points at home, but we just gotta look forward and keep moving.

On strong defense...It’s obviously huge, getting a clean sheet is always big-time, but at the same time, we need to put goals in the back of the net, we can’t win games without scoring. So we’ll look at the film and see what we can do that. But, overall, we just gotta keep moving forward.

On Jesse Gonzalez’s importance…I mean, he’s huge. Obviously, we don’t want him making too many saves, but when he has to step up, he’s been doing that lately, I mean, I think that’s huge for us. Especially giving us confidence, even if a guy slips up, we can always depend on Jesse back there.

FC Dallas defender Reto Ziegler

On getting 50 starts for FC Dallas...Somebody told me that after the game, I didn’t know that, so I’m proud of that and hope for fifty more.

On strong defense...I think if you watch last season and this season, a strong defense is nothing new, but of course I’m proud of that, to get clean sheets and fewer goals. Of course, we have to work harder because we’re disappointed and wanted to win that game. We had six more games at home before the playoffs, and now only five more and I think with these games, we need to win if we want to go to the playoffs. But it’s a good point, we’ll take it, and we know now we have to win away.

On Jesse Gonzalez’s performance...Oh, he made the great save, but in my eyes, he made too many saves. So, you have to make more pressure on the opposing players, and they had more shots than us today, which is not good, especially at home, we should have more shots. But, of course, Jesse is a great goalkeeper and we’re happy he’s with us.