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East Stand View: Sorry DirecTV & AT&T Users

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If you use AT&T or DirecTV, you might’ve not seen this spectacular win.

MLS: FC Dallas at Sporting Kansas City Peter G. Aiken

What’s more Major League Soccer-esque than being told only hours before the match (via Twitter) that your favorite team would not be on one of your favorite local channels because of a contractual dispute? Is having the team sanctioned watch party canceled because of said contractual dispute also pretty MLS-esque? Wish I could share your pain but my provider was not AT&T/DirecTV, but judging by the number of angry calls/texts I received during the game against Sporting Kansas City, a number of you out there have them as your provider...

Sorry DirecTV/AT&T Users

Here’s the skinny: AT&T Uverse and DirecTV dropped all CBS owned stations from their programming in a contractual dispute where CBS made some demands and AT&T pushed back. So if you were planning on watching Big Brother, NASCAR, The Bachelorette or FC Dallas whooping some Spork butt on TV you were immensely disappointed this past weekend. Go ahead and scan Twitter and you’ll see people going nuts over the whole thing if you haven’t entertained yourself already.

The FC Dallas FO offered two solutions via Twitter for people in the DFW area. I’m not knocking them, I’m just listing them and providing commentary. The first, was to grab your trusted digital antenna and hook it up to your flat screen. I really want to know how many of you reading this have a digital antenna and if you know for certain that it works. Their second solution was to listen via radio to our favorites ‘Marky’ Mark Followill and Steve Davis. I like the second solution but it’s gotta be frustrating to those that paid for DirecTV to have CBS and now it doesn’t.

Sorry Watch Party

The Twin Peaks on Mockingbird is a great place to go and watch sports matches. It’s spacious and the staff is efficient and super nice. This was where the official FC Dallas sanctioned watch party was to be held this past weekend. It was quickly canceled once the contract dispute meant that Twin Peaks would not have the game because...surprise, they’re AT&T Uverse subscribers. Really disappointed as that would’ve been a fun time.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Oh good. I was wondering if I’d ever be able to use that antenna again” -Twitter @sarajoanmiller.

Seriously, how many of you reading this have a digital antenna and do you know for certain that it works? Were you caught in the contractual crossfire between CBS and AT&T? What did you watch the game on? Let me know in the comments below!