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Quick Burns: Which current MLS player would fit Luchi Gonzalez’s system the best?

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The summer transfer window is open at the moment, so would there be a player within MLS that is worth trading for?

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The summer is here and trades and transfers are all the rage across MLS. FC Dallas has already made some moves with Edwin Gyasi coming in to the fold and Carlos Gruezo getting sent back across the Atlantic.

With an open roster spot available to Luchi Gonzalez, our staff has decided to look inward at other talent across the league to see which player we think would be the best fit for his system thanks to a trade.

Jason Poon - Chris Wondolowski

As much as I’m the romantic and would’ve said Lee Nguyen six months ago, the emergence of Paxton Pomykal has me calling him off (for now). Dallas lacks a goal scorer in the poacher department. We’ve got the target forward (Cobra), couple of guys with speed (Badji, Pepi), one with more technical skills (Jesus), but this team just doesn’t score enough. Give me Wondo. Guy who needs no touches. Just put the ball in the general vicinity and let him sniff out goal scoring opportunities by himself. Wondo would fit the bill perfectly as a stop gap until Ferreira, Pepi and company get up to speed.

Ryan Scanlon - Emmanuel Boateng

Justin Meram was a close second here, just noting that. Luchi’s system seems to currently need a hard working left winger, and there’s a hungry player in Emmanuel Boateng. Boateng has a crazy high work rate, as opposed to our current options and is incredibly fast. Imagine this super fast dude on the opposite side of Barrios, keeping the defending wide men from straying too far up the picth. I will acknowledge there are two big red flags with this idea. First, even with Ibrahimovic on his team, Boateng has only registered 1 assist this season in 850 minutes player. Along with that sole assist, he has only 1 goal this year in the same amount of minutes. That lack of production is horrible and a worry, but I feel like moving E-Man to this team from the Ibra-focused Galaxy would be a positive move for him and out team.

Nathan Hill - Lee Nguyen

I absolutely love that Jason picked Chris Wondolowski, because he would be great. FC Dallas needs a fearless competitor up top who can will this team to win, but Chris is going to retire in San Jose a deserved legend. So, I’ll fall back to North Texas native Lee Nguyen. Lee certainly isn’t a like for like fit for any player on the roster, but he would be a huge boost to this young team down the stretch. He’s a veteran who can slot into multiple spots on the roster including up top, out on the wing, and in a no. 10 role. He’s played deeper too, probably less effectively but good enough to be depth there. He also wins, enduring tough team situations to grab starting spots and make a difference. Yes, Nguyen is not a huge cog in LAFC’s system, but he’s productive and dangerous. FC Dallas could use this veteran attacker who will push half of the attacking options on their roster to play better by example and through outright competition. Plus, with rumors that he might be available, Lee’s return could mean the first ever MLS Cup for FC Dallas. You can’t write better stories than that.

Jose Carmona - Romain Alessandrini

This one was tough for me to answer, as I agree with the others (except for Boateng, pass). So I had to think, which player makes me say "I wish he wss on FCD", and I always remember saying that about Alessandrini. He has the versatility to play on either wing, and as an attacking midfielder.

Ben Lyon - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

I don’t really want anyone from inside the league that’s reasonable. Since that’s the case, I’m going for the brass ring. The last 3 months of the season with Zlatan in tow would be a hell of a thing.

Jeff Loftin - Will Johnson

A versatile midfielder with veteran savvy and international experience, Will Johnson has the skillset to contribute to Luchi’s system of play right away. For a bit of GAM or TAM I think he would be a great addition to FC Dallas.