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East Stand View: Minnesota’s New Crib

If FC Dallas could just play all their games at home...

MLS: FC Dallas at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas flew up to St. Paul for the weekend to take on Minnesota United at their new Allianz Field. This was the first time FC Dallas was visiting the stadium and the first time I got a good look at it from the comfort of my couch. I also bore witness to the travesty that was our attempt to get anything out of this game. After this game, we fell to the last playoff spot with Houston and Sporting KC hot on our heels looking to get in. Let’s start things off with the new crib of the Loons...

Allianz Field

Pains me to say, but that stadium was good looking. Add to it the fact that it’s a soccer specific stadium with public transport servicing it in a state capital (like actually in the city) and it gets me a little jealous. Then top it all off with a dang sell out crowd to watch them take on FC Dallas. Although, I’m definitely going to dock some cool points for their persistent singing of ‘Wonderwall’. Oasis isn’t even from Minnesota, they’re from England. Legit congrats to them or whatever for their new place, but to see that, then go to FC Dallas games where we’re struggling to hit 13k is slightly depressing. Almost as depressing as our performance during the game...

On Repeat

This is the section where I’d normally complain about the performances of a few slackers, or a few mistakes that cost us the game but there’s really nothing I can put here that hasn’t already been said before. Sure, Vito had a monster game in goal for Minnesota. Totally can’t knock that. What I will knock, again, is our poor finishing, mental lapses, and our horrible road form. We’ve lost five of our last six away games, all against our Western Conference rivals. We’ve shipped so many points, and the margin of error is getting thinner and thinner the more this season goes on. This coming weekend we visit Sporting KC, a venue that I will forever say is one of our achilles heels. If we ship three points off to the enemy again, we might need to give the panic button a glance. Just a glance.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Gyasi looked lost and got caught ball watching a lot, he’ll fit right in.” -/u/le3dprintedcalfman.

Were you a fan of Minnesota United’s new stadium? Is our criticism of the team just an endless stream of repetition? Any confidence going into the next game away in Kansas City? Let me know in the comments below!