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Three questions for FC Dallas fans after the loss to Minnesota United

A few hypotheticals to find out where we’re at this season

MLS: FC Dallas at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was a hard loss. Not that we deserved to walk out of there with any points, but because we got so close to doing it. Minnesota looked better than we did most game. Neither team was terribly sharp, but there were times that the chemistry and talent of their attacking unit were undeniable.

The game left me with a lot of questions and no one to talk to about them. So I want to ask you to take to the comments to discuss these three hypotheticals/discussion questions/fan-oriented quick burns.

Would you trade Santiago Mosquera, Jesus Ferreira, Paxton Pomykal, and Michael Barrios for Kevin Molino, Angelo Rodriguez, Darwin Quintero, and Ethan Finlay?

The case for. Mosquera is unproductive. Ferreira is replaced by Ricardo Pepi. Pomykal is replaced by Thomas Roberts. Barrios being replaced by Finlay is the only real loss here. FC Dallas have needed an elite play maker for years to put the attack together and Quintero is the guy to do it. Minnesota United is currently 3rd in the Western Conference. Drop this attack with Dallas’ solid defense and midfield and you’re instantly challenging for MLS Cup with minor loss in depth.

The case against. You’re giving up two rising stars in Ferreira and Pomykal. Both are valuable for the team now, but also likely represent large transfer fees in the future. If you want to build around kids, you don’t give up your best young pieces.

Salaries Compared

FC Dallas Salary Minnesota United Salary
FC Dallas Salary Minnesota United Salary
Santiago Mosquera $591,400.00 Kevin Molino $546,254.00
Jesus Ferreira $70,250.00 Angelo Rodriguez $667,188.00
Paxton Pomykal $105,000.00 Darwin Quintero $1,750,000.00
Michael Barrios $500,000.00 Ethan Finlay $400,008.00
Total $1,266,650.00 $3,363,450.00

It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Of course Minnesota’s attack is going to be so much better when they aren’t a bunch of kids and they cost more than twice as much. Dallas needs to keep their salary more flexible so they can build their attack with pieces that are better fitted to how Luchi wants to play.

If you could go back to last offseason, would you have signed Bryan Acosta?

The case for. Acosta has been an important addition to this team. He brings a different style of play than any Dallas midfielder has over the last few seasons. He’s a true box to box midfielder who can make an impact all over the pitch. He has a great passing range and motor. You couldn’t ask for a better, relatively cheap DP to hold down the central midfield. He brings a maturity and presence that this team of kids desperately needs.

The case against. Dallas didn’t know Edwin Cerrillo was such a stud when they signed Acosta. While signing him did let you pull the trigger on selling Carlos Gruezo more confidently, at this point he’s taking minutes away from kids. Is this team that much better with Acosta over Cerrillo? Servania’s rise has made Acosta a redundancy. Brandon Servania can do everything that Acosta can, but he’s cheaper and younger. If you pair Servania up with Cerrillo you have a pairing not unlike the golden days of Kellyn Acosta and Victor Ulloa. Dallas’ midfield of the future is Cerrillo and Servania. Why pay Acosta $650,000 a year if he isn’t going to push Dallas over the top competitively?

Will Minnesota United will finish above FC Dallas in the Western Conference Standings?

The case for. Five out of Minnesota’s next seven MLS games are at home. If they can keep their form up—the form that is coming in the midst of an absurd run in which they’ve played seven games in the last 30 days— over these next home games, they should capture enough points to help them comfortably maintain a top 5 spot in the Western Conference. This is a rebuilding year for Dallas, while the youth focus is great for the future of the team, it isn’t so great for fielding a competitive team right now. Minnesota finishing above Dallas doesn’t mean that Dallas is bad... just that the teams are striving to do different things with their seasons.

The case against. Dallas have not hit their stride yet this season, but they’re still only four points below United, who are firing on all cylinders. Hot streaks come and go and Minnesota’s almost came to an end last night. I love the underdog story as much as the next guy, but Minnesota’s run of form isn’t sustainable. Dallas are going to bring in some major reinforcements this summer in critical places that are going to solidify the team and help them push into a playoff spot.

Let’s get our debating on. I want to see some blood shed in the comments (not really, please be civil).

Bonus question: Is singing Wonderwall is one of the coolest traditions in American soccer?