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East Stand View: Familiar Frustrations

If you’ve watched an FC Dallas game or two, you might have had some deja vu.

MLS: FC Dallas at Portland Timbers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

This was par for the course in terms of FC Dallas games. A frustrating referee that didn’t agree with my ideas about the rules of the sport, an appalling display of our ability not finishing chances and an opponent Designated Player that makes the difference. It was a beautiful day early Sunday in Dallas, I’m unsure what the weather was like Sunday evening as I’m normally home ready for bed by the time this one started. Was really hoping we could salvage a point in this one as the Wednesday game was an ultra let down. Turns out, our finishing this game was going to be just as maddening as ever.

Barn Door

Let’s get to what was easily the miss of the game and our best chance. Jesus Ferreira had the chance to equalize from about eight yards out, both defenders in shambles and the goalkeeper late in rushing out to greet him. I was just about ready to yell ‘goal’ in my apartment when I saw Ferreira turn and shoot. The camera angle made it look like it was going in, until the ball appeared on the other side of the net, then the disbelief set in. FC Dallas and strikers haven’t done well with each other for years, so in honesty, there should’ve been no disbelief. Only belief in this is what we will be doomed to for eternity.

This section is not written to shade Jesus specifically, he was hardly the only person to miss their golden chance to make their mark on the match against the Portland Timbers. Instead, it seemed like our team lined up one by one and tried their best but ultimately missed the target. Michael Barrios and Ryan Hollingshead had golden chances and weren’t able to put them into the net. Lamenting over missed chances is just a part of soccer, but when your last 15 goal striker was Jeff Cunningham, you get a little impatient watching games like this.

What in the World Ref?

Our dudes were getting beat up for stretches of the game. Absolute destruction was being wrought, and Allen Chapman let it play on. The moment we do a hard foul on our opponents though, out came the yellow card. Home teams normally get the benefit of the doubt but holy moly man. It felt like Portland would Bautista bomb one of our guys and no yellow. You’re telling me they had double the number of fouls committed and yet we got double the amount of yellow cards issued? Get out of here. To be clear, I’m not in any way saying we lost because of officiating. I’m just pointing out how ridiculous it seemed from my vantage point on my couch.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Good guy HoHead with his tribute to former teammate Carlos Gruezo.” - /u/Elguapo361 in reference to Ryan skying the shot like Gruezo used to do all those times before.

Did you stay up to watch this terrible game like I did? Am I being too hard on FC Dallas goal scorers or has it come to the point of being ridiculous? Was this referee absolutely insane or am I being salty? Let me know in the comments below!