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East Stand View: Pride Night Y’all!

Hopefully Pride Night will take on a more pronounced role next year.

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, maybe it was actually billed as a “Soccer for all” night, but it was on that weekend that many celebrate for their pride! This joyous occasion was subject to a weather delay that dragged on for more than an hour and a half. Unfortunately, the weather delay made the stadium look like Thanos snapped his fingers during the delay. After the delay though, I was in love with the weather, but people sensitive to humidity weren’t as joyous. First though, let’s talk about the delay since that was a fun time.

Rain Delay!

Maybe I was looking at the wrong city for the weather, but there wasn’t a peep about what was to come from my weather app when I checked earlier in the day. Some scattered showers around 5 was all I remember seeing, but no indication of what was to come. The menacing clouds were the first hint that something was awry, and once the rains started coming down, it was time for people to decide whether or not it was worth staying. Many decided it was worth staying in their seats and embracing the rain rather than heading for cover. Unfortunately not everyone shared that grit and determination and the crowd went full post-Thanos snap and more than halved during the intermission. Dang shame as the crowd looked good beforehand and the weather afterwards was absolutely glorious in my opinion. What looked even better was that tifo from the supporter groups...

Y’all Means All!

To many, June means pride month. Seemingly every team in the MLS was officially celebrating openly and frequently save for FC Dallas. The team was selling a pretty sweet pride night training top that the players didn’t even wear for the night, but other than that I couldn’t really see any effort from the front office on the pride/Soccerforall message. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I’m really happy we finally had a pride night, but let’s embrace it a little more FO! FC Dallas pride night game could be a big draw for people the day before the pride parade event for the weekend! The Texas Rangers don’t have a pride night, so this is one for FC Dallas to take and embrace and be the sports destination for those looking to celebrate! Maybe more rainbows around the stadium would be a good first step.

Speaking of rainbows, a big shout out to everyone that had a hand in making the glorious tifo that flew over the supporter groups section. A large rainbow striped “Y’all Means All” tifo rose above the Beer Garden and El Matador, which was one of the only indicators that an attending average Joe in the stadium would know it was a special occasion night. Everyone loves the Texas flag corner flags, but at least they could’ve been changed for one night. And before you ask “why does everything gotta be rainbow?”, is one night out 30 or so home games really that much to ask/put up with?

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Y’all means all” - DBG tifo. Easily the quote of the night.

Were you one of the warriors that stayed in their chairs during the rain storm delay? Did I miss any pride related things from the team that you could see? Do you think FC Dallas will start marketing this day a little more next year? Let me know in the comments below!