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FC Dallas vs Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps: Player Ratings

FC Dallas had back-to-back home matches against visiting Canadian teams, let’s see how they did.

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We take a look at both matches FCD played last week, and hand out ratings for each one.

FCD rebounded from the USOC loss against New Mexico United, with a resounding 3-0 win against visiting Toronto FC.

Note: 6 is the rating given for an average MLS performance

Man of the Match: Jesus Ferreira (8.3) - Jesus had a monster game against Toronto, finishing with 2 assists, 1 of which, should have been a goal:

Jesus would finish with seven shot attempts, three of them on goal, and six key passes on 75.8 passing accuracy.

Jesse Gonzalez (6.8) - Jesse had a pretty quiet day, as Toronto only achieved 6 shot attempts, forcing Jesse to make two saves.

Bressan (7.9) - We had heard tales of the the versatility that Bressan brought to the table, that he was capable of playing anywhere on the backline, and even at D-mid. Against Toronto, Bressan started at Right Back for the first time, and his versatility was on full display.

Bressan put on a clinic in the right side of the pitch, on both defense and in the attack. On defense, Bressan’s penchant for aggressive sliding tackles, was a huge asset. He would finish with one tackle, three interceptions, and one clearance.

Bressan was even better on offense, where his well timed runs, gave him a massive amount of real estate to work with. He would finish with three shot attempts, two of them on goal, three key passes, and 84% passing accuracy on a team-high 98 touches. It came as no surprise when Bressan inevitably got on the board:

Bressan’s play was such, that the fans voted him MOTM:

Reto Ziegler (7.2), Matt Hedges (7.2), & Ryan Hollingshead (7.5) - The remainder of the backline was great, as they held Toronto to only six shot attempts on the day, and FCD never really found itself threatened.

Brandon Servania (7.0), Edwin Cerrillo (6.8), & Paxton Pomykal (7.2) - This is the midfield that all FCD fans wanted to see deployed by the US in the U20 World Cup. We got to see what could have been. The ratings don’t do any justice to just how dominant they were as a unit, as the sum was greater than its parts, allowing FCD to control the match from whistle to whistle.

Michael Barrios (7.4), & Dominique Badji (7.9) - The FCD wingers had all the space in the world to operate in, and they made Toronto pay dearly for giving them all that space. The two would combine for seven shot attempts, with three of them on goal. Barrios would finish with an assist on the Bressan goal, while Badji would finish with two goals. Badji stole the first goal from Ferreira, but his second goal was a thing of beauty:


Santiago Mosquera (6.2), Bryan Reynolds (6.0), & Pepi (6.2) - Pepi made his long awaited debut, Santi finally returned from injury, and Reynolds got some more MLS experience. This was a great use of minutes for Luchi to get his youngest guys minutes, and help Santi get back in game shape.


Luchi Gonzalez (7.9) - Luchi could not have scripted a better bounce back performance, following the USOC exit. It helped that Toronto was pretty dysfunctional itself, but you won’t get any complaints from any of the coaching staff.

In the second match of last week, FCD blew a 2-0 lead, and suffered what can only be viewed as a very disappointing 2-2 home draw against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Man of the Match: Paxton Pomykal (7.7) - Despite not getting on the scoreboard, Pax was in peak form:

By now, everyone is questioning just how was it that FCD failed to hold on for the 2-1 win. Let me just say that having your best player, knocked out of the game at the most crucial of times, for the low price of a yellow card, didn’t do FCD any favors. I can’t find a single replay of the foul, but if that same tackle was used against the likes of Vela, Rooney, or Lodeiro, you can bet your ass that its an insta Red!

This is one of the unspoken pitfalls of playing young players, the fact that hard fouls against young players, are simply not going to be called at the same level of established star players. This is why it was very important that Paxton Pomykal was selected by Garber himself, to be an MLS All-Star. Officials need to be made aware that a bone crushing tackle against Paxton, isn’t just a foul against some young player. No, it’s a foul against a star player, whose removal from the pitch, can greatly alter the course of the match. I’m not saying that Paxton’s removal was the reason Vancouver scored, I’m just saying that his removal greatly helped their cause. I’m not okay with it, and I hope that the DC helps send a message against the Vancouver defender in some form or fashion, so that knocking Paxton Pomykal out of matches does not become a fashionable thing, at least not without the opposing team paying a price (i.e. red card for their player).

Jesse Gonzalez (6.4) -

Bressan (6.6), Reto Ziegler (6.4), & Matt Hedges (6.4) - Bressan was nowhere near the level he showed against Toronto, and should quiet down any nonsense talk of Cannon’s job being in danger. Matt and Reto were solid for most of the match, but not when it counted the most.

Ryan Hollingshead (7.5) - Ryan continued his good show of form, sufficiently to quiet down the calls for Nelson to replace him in the starting lineup (at least for now). Ryan just finds a way to help the team, and his goal, looks more like luck than skill:

Some players just place themselves in positions to make their own luck, and nobody on this team does it better than Hollingshead.

Brandon Servania (7.3), & Edwin Cerrillo (6.6) - The young midfielders continued their good play from earlier in the week, but fans will be completely blinded to this by the fiasco at the end of the match. What can I tell you, other than they both played good, heck, Servania played great, but all people will remember is that the kids (Cerrillo in particular) failed to clear the ball at the end, and it cost FCD 3 points.

Michael Barrios (7.5), Dominique Badji (7.0), & Jesus Ferreira (7.2) - Again, all fans will remember here, is that the FCD attackers were wasteful with their chances. I won’t defend all 3, but I will at least remind you that FCD was up 2-0 at the time that Barrios was subbed off. Not the first time, or the last time, that removing Barrios from the field, has cost FCD three points.


Santiago Mosquera (6.0), & Jacori Hayes (5.8) - There’s nothing good to say here, as both of them replaced players who were having really good games (Barrios & Pax), and there was a significant drop in performance once they (Santi & Jacori) enter the game.

Luchi Gonzalez (6.3) - Luchi will get justly criticized for failing to get his team to close out a match they were winning. His decision to sub off Barrios, came back to hurt the team, as Vancouver did not have to fear getting burned on the counter. I do however, give Luchi a break, as subbing off Paxton was forced on him.