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FC Dallas vs Vancouver Whitecaps: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas’ disappointing draw against Vancouver.

FC Dallas stumbled late in their game Wednesday night against the Vancouver Whitecaps, giving up two goals in the final ten minutes to end the match 2-2.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

Overall thoughts on the game... We have to win this game. It’s unacceptable. We know that. We got less pressure from the ball, we didn’t attack. We didn’t score in the third. I have to reflect on myself: should I have changed formation or made a tactical adjustment, subs, tying of them, etc.? So, hard lesson. Growing pain right now. That’s a game that we tied but it feels like a loss. You look at the series, home away with them, one point. Very disappointing. I like the direction we’re going in. So, I have to remind myself it’s a process.

When did you feel the momentum change...When a team is down they’re going to naturally have, it’s all or nothing – 3-0, 2-0, 1-0, it’s all the same – they’re going to go forward. We didn’t take advantage of counters. We stopped playing the way that earned us the 2-0 which meant pressure on the ball. Our midfield dropped a little lower, our backline dropped a little lower. We got comfortable. We let the game go.

On Paxton Pomykal...He’s fine. We did a sub, we didn’t want to be a man down.

On why the focus slipped late in the game...We were satisfied. We were satisfied with 15-20 minutes left. In soccer you can’t be satisfied. It’s a human, it’s an emotion, mental. Yeah, we’re going to look at video and break it down, the tactical things but it was an emotion, mental thing. We felt we did enough and we didn’t.

On what went well...Transitions were good, prevention shape was better, we pinned them a few times which recreated attacks. We could create an attack, lose it and recreate an attack because we regain possession. We’ve been trying to work on that in the attacking third. I thought that showed well today but the teams even in that slower block are going to counter (and) be dangerous in the open space. I thought we managed it well most of the game but we had a draw, so we’ll keep working and getting better.

FC Dallas fullback Ryan Hollingshead

Overall thoughts…It wasn’t good enough and we had an easy 3 points and we lost it and so we got to learn.

On the quick turnaround...We have to, we don’t have a choice. This game is over and we have to start focusing on Portland and get ready for them but this one is going to hurt for sure.

On the positives from the first half...Yeah we played well in the first half, we had a lot of things going forward, but we just stopped playing in the second half.

On the equalizing goal for Vancouver...We were dropping too deep, letting them play around in our half, and when you do that things like that [the second goal] can happen. They got a good shot on the top of the box moved a little bit on Jesse and Jesse couldn’t see it so sometimes you get unlucky. On his goal...Yeah it felt good at that moment when we were up 2-0, but now it feels pretty bad.

Paxton Pomykal

Overall thoughts...Good 80-minutes; very, very poor last fifteen. That’s part of the game, that’s why the game is 90-minutes. Regardless of, I mean, people will see the score line and see 2-2, but I thought that the first 80-minutes were really, really positive from us, but then the last fifteen were really negative. So, a lot to learn from this game; the good and the bad. We’ll take that, watch video and learn from it.

On what happened in the last fifteen minutes...We just put our foot off the gas, we got away from out concepts. We weren’t pressing, we weren’t keeping the ball. They were throwing numbers forward and we didn’t handle it very well. At the end of the day, we have to fix that.

On how he’s feeling after the hard tackle...I’m okay, I’m fine. If I didn’t get subbed I was ready to go back in. Now worries, I’m good.

FC Dallas midfielder Brandon Servania

On his first MLS assist…It was great to get the first assist but it’s all about the team. Obviously, it felt nice in the moment but looking back on it we weren’t able to get the three points and that’s the biggest thing to me is trying to help the team get the three points every time. It was great to be on the field for another 90 but I think I can definitely improve on some things. I’ll watch the game back and try to learn from those mistakes.

On how the U-20 World Cup helped his confidence…I think getting minutes at such a high level and such a great tournament definitely gave me confidence and I think I was able to come back and continue that form and hopefully I can continue playing a role for this team and see how it goes. Just gotta keep working.

On his chemistry with Edwin Cerrillo and Paxton Pomykal…Obviously I have a lot of chemistry (with Paxton and Edwin) coming from the Academy and moving our way up to the first team. We were able to all go to Poland which was pretty awesome and all coming back and being able to play a role for this team is amazing. I think just knowing those guys helped my confidence knowing that I’ve played with these guys before—it’s just another game. But again, we weren’t able to close the game today and all three of us can look back and improve on a few things.

On tonight’s draw…It hurts for all of us. We know that we had the three points and kind of gave those away and just to move on to remember this feeling and to move on and look forward to Sunday and bounce back from this game.