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Workhorse of the Week vs New Mexico United and Toronto FC

A roller coast week - with a loss in the Open Cup and a dominant win against Toronto. Who will you vote for Workhorse of the Week?

MLS: Toronto FC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We had a small vote tally last week with just a single Open Cup match to examine, so Matt Hedges barely took the win with just 4 votes. There were simply too many players to recommend from that tidy performance.


I am disappointed that FC Dallas’ Open Cup journey has come to an end.

It’s not so much that I think the Open Cup should be high on the priority list for FC Dallas, but you don’t get an easier path to the quarter final than through two USL teams at “home”. Sure, SMU is not home base, but FC Dallas didn’t have too high a bar to handle New Mexico United. Instead, they gave up two sloppy, scrappy goals that a professional team has no business giving up. It would be one thing if New Mexico scored a couple of golazos to advance, but FC Dallas either expected to walk over that team or didn’t come prepared.

Of course, the sound that stuck out to me was hearing Coach Luchi constantly yelling “tempo” at his team throughout the match, as his squad just seemed disconnected. I am sure he would have made a tweak or two to the lineup in retrospect, but you live and learn. New Mexico advanced. FC Dallas wasted a wonder goal from Brandon Servania on top of it.

There are positives to being out of the Open Cup. FC Dallas has had to be creative in lineups as they deal with call ups and injuries. Some of that pressure will subside with one less game to worry about.

We spent a good chunk of time breaking down the Open Cup in our latest Big D After Dark show, so check it out here:

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Coach Luchi wasn’t happy on Wednesday, so he made sure this team was prepared come Saturday. And yes, it was a good one. FC Dallas came out with the fabled U20 World Cup lineup that should have been - Edwin Cerrillo, Brandon Servania, and Paxton Pomykal - and the youngsters controlled the game and steamrolled Toronto. The score could have been worse than 3-0, and frankly, from about 10 minutes on, Toronto looked like they wanted to be anywhere but there.

I liked the complete turnaround and professional of this match from the previous one.

These are really great signs as we get to know Coach Luchi Gonzalez as a head coach week in and week out.

It’s great to see Dominique Badji finding some rhythm and comfort with this team with two goals, and I always prefer Michael Barrios taking corner kicks. Why put your shortest player in the box? Bressan had a heck of a game and looks to be one of the sneakier signings of the most recent offseason. All in all, this was a complete performance, even if Toronto were missing a few key pieces.

Also, enjoy this highlight sheet of Paxton - it’s so good:

Who to vote for?

I recommend a vote for just about anyone who went the full 90 here, including Bressan (with a goal), Paxton Pomykal, and Edwin Cerrillo. A special recommendation might be for Brandon Servania who had the better performance across both games.


Cast your vote for the Workhorse of the Week.

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    Ryan Hollingshead
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    Edwin Cerrillo
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    Brandon Servania
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    Paxton Pomykal
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