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East Stand View: Phantom Rain

Great weather, great game, but random rain?

MLS: Toronto FC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas was back in action on Saturday night welcoming the newest NBA champions, Toronto FC. Another game was quickly needed as a palette cleanser after the fiasco that was that Open Cup match the last time the boys in red ran out onto a field. Thankfully, or disappointingly if you’re Canadian, Toronto FC was hit hard by international duty as both Jozy Altidore and Michael Bradley were both off whooping up on Trinidad and Tobago. Which was another unfortunate situation that our dear country was playing a soccer game at the same time as our dear local club! If only the reception was better at Toyota Stadium...

Mr. Bressan

You’re forgiven if you were struggling to recognize our right back for this match. Reggie Cannon was helping the USA exact revenge on our least favorite Caribbean nation (from a soccer perspective), and Ryan is really enjoying playing on that left side. Filling in on that right back position was our 3rd string Center Back, Bressan. That man was up and down that right flank rarely putting a foot wrong. Then with the goal he scored during the match, it was little wonder why he was voted Bud Light Man of the Match for the night. Not sure if he would’ve gotten the BL MotM if he hadn’t scored that goal though. It seems like the only way you’ll get the shout out at the end of a home game is if you score a goal.

Phantom Rain?

It happens every now and then if you’re a longtime resident of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It’s a rare phenomenon that I just happened to quickly Google and find out that it’s called a ‘serein’ or a ‘sunshower’. I’d say this was more of a light sundrizzle. Which is always funny to see kids look up at the sky and then ask their parents as to how the sky can be so clear and yet it rains. It was a little refreshing to be honest as a relief from the heat, which wasn’t bad to begin with.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Yeah that rain came out of nowhere, just like this FC Dallas team after what we saw Wednesday.”

Did you get sprinkled on as you attended the game? Was Bressan an absolute monster for us or what?! Where do you think this team was when we were going against New Mexico United? Let me know in the comments below!