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FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas’ win over Seattle.

FC Dallas ended a six-game slump on Saturday night in a 2-1 win over the Seattle Sounders.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

On ending the winless streak...We don’t believe in streaks. It’s game to game. Training to training. Day to day. Bringing our best, learning from yesterday and being the best we can today. We wanted to win today. All I know is whatever happened in the past is in the past. We wanted to win for our fans, amazing fans, who stayed here after a two hour delay in these conditions. For the boys to show that honor and respect to them to do it today. It was a given today that we wanted to perform and not walk off that field without getting the points and that was our focus.

On Reggie Cannon not starting...Just a moment to look at some other things, give him a mental rest. Reggie’s been very positive in his contributions to this team and he’s going to continue to do that. The young man is learning and growing. So, I’m not worried about Reggie.

On Bryan Reynolds’ performance tonight...I think it’s three in a row, he’s played in. Really proud. Really proud of him. He needs to not relax. He’s similar to Ryan (Hollingshead) in that he can be a back or a winger. He’s got the tools physically, athletically, technically.

On Thomas Roberts performance...Good. Positive. Good. I’d say best performance so far. We don’t need magic from him. He’s a player that is naturally talented. He’s learning that defensive role in the midfield and that responsibility. I thought he did a very good job, I think. His mentality is to get the assist, create shots, score, draw the foul. He’s hungry to help this team as much as he can.

FC Dallas midfielder Bryan Reynolds

On what his role is on the team…Right now, maybe not starting, obviously I’d like to start but you have to play your role. Me coming off the bench, I feel like I’m really dangerous because I feel like I have some pace. When the opponent is tired, I’m in there running them down. I feel dangerous, I’m a super sub right now.

On head coach Luchi Gonzalez’s advice before coming on the field… Today, I got subbed in as a winger and he was telling me that [Seattle Sounders] were pretty good on the left side, so he wanted me to be helping Ryan out with a 2v2. He was telling me to ‘play my game, you’re good enough to play here’, and I just expected to do good and I thought I did well.

FC Dallas forward Dominique Badji

On tonight’s match…Feels great. Feels amazing. Winning is a feeling that is unbelievable, and you want to replicate that every weekend. So it’s nice that we got a win under our belts now and we are looking forward. Now we don’t want to drop points, we want to win as many wins as we can.

On the team’s endurance in difficult matches and maintaining the same style…Games aren’t going to be pretty. We practice a certain way that we just have to keep enduring tough moments like that and we have players that really want to grind it out and put in that extra shift to get the win and that’s what we needed tonight.

[Head coach] Luchi [Gonzalez] has a style a play he definitely wants us to play. He enforces it every day, every practice and it shows during the game. He wants to win that way and even if we lose, we lost that way. But more times than none, we are going to win.

On playing as a winger…Playing on the wing requires different attributes for me. I’m deeper in times we are defending. I’m naturally a nine and so when I got the opportunity to go up there I did what I naturally was able to do and caused havoc. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a goal, but that’s my natural position.

FC Dallas midfielder Carlos Gruezo

On his fitness and FCD’s many international absentees...Truthfully, I’m recovering. I came from almost two weeks without play because of an injury. It was an intense game and I tried to manage the game. Decide when to sprint, when not to. The most important thing for me, and what I’m happy about, is that the team gained three points. I see a very united group. We have a lot of player on international duty. Tomorrow we lose three more. It’s difficult because we’re not all together but what’s important is that the ones that are playing are doing so to the best of their abilities. So that leaves me relaxed and happy.

On winning today after six-game streak without a win...It was a difficult time. We have a very young team. I tried to relay to them that that’s soccer and that’s MLS and to get out of that difficult time we had to get three points tonight and stay united at all times, work hard and never lose confidence. Today, I leave happy because of this great group that left everything on the pitch and that’s why the result went our way.

FC Dallas midfielder Bryan Acosta

On winning today after six-game streak without a win...”It was very important for us to get three points tonight. They were due for us. I think the team was confident with our work and we were convinced that we had to win tonight by any means and what’s important is that the three points stayed at home tonight.

On hanging onto the win after Seattle’s goal...They made it hard on us in the second half. They changed up their system, they controlled the ball more and we lost some intensity what’s important is, despite their goal, we knew how to endure the final minutes. We had opportunities to score a third. We couldn’t do it but I’m happy with the team for getting a necessary victory.