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Quick Burn: Who will FC Dallas transfer out this summer?

Dan Hunt dropped some juicy rumors last night on Fox4, so we’re here to talk about it.

MLS: FC Dallas at Atlanta United FC Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Last night Dan Hunt went on Fox 4 for an interview and let this little nugget out about pending summer transfers:

Naturally this is something we’re all curious about and want to debate a little. Our staff has gotten together to discuss who we think could be those transfers out and a bit of who we want them to be as well.

Ben Lyon- Carlos Gruezo and Thomas Roberts

I’ve thought from the beginning of the year that Gruezo would be gone come summer. The rumors are already thick, and with Edwin Cerrillo and Brandon Servania capable and waiting in the wings, the question seems to be only ‘where’ and ‘how much’. I am really going to miss that guy.

Roberts I’m less sure about, but it has seemed since last year that Bayern was just waiting until he turns 18 to pull the trigger. Roberts turned 18 in May, and the German transfer window opens this 1st week of July. I’m guessing he plays out the month and is gone shortly thereafter to link up with his buddy, Chris Richards.

Nathan Hill - Paxton Pomykal and Zdenek Ondrasek

No other young FC Dallas player is more poised for a move abroad than Paxton Pomykal. He has received rightful accolades for his play in the U20 World Cup and has emerged as a key starter for FC Dallas this season. It stinks to think about this move because more excellent play is likely coming from the youngster, but surely, FC Dallas gets an offer that they can’t refuse.

Gruezo is a good shout, but I think Zdenek Ondrasek will be another short-lived FC Dallas player as he returns back to Europe. While he hasn’t shown much and will go cheap, I don’t see how FC Dallas could refuse just about any offer to free up his roster spot. Ondrasek can be grateful to come out of a situation where he wasn’t getting a paycheck to be stable for a time in Frisco, but I imagine he wants to play and contribute more to a team than what he is experiencing at FC Dallas. This is a win/win move.

Drew Epperley - Thomas Roberts & Pablo Aranguiz

Seeing that one or two will likely go this summer has me thinking of any number of player. Would a Reto Ziegler shock me? No. Same could be said about Paxton Pomykal and Carlos Gruezo. Hell, I’d even throw someone like Bryan Reynolds into the mix too.

But I’m landing on Roberts and Aranguiz being the two that are likely heading out. Roberts back to Bayern where he spent part of last year training. And Aranguiz, who just completed the Toulon Tournament, a big showcase for young talent. Dallas will likely get plenty for both and be able to use that extra allocation (mostly thanks to selling a Homegrown player) in building up the depth charts for the push for a playoff spot.

Jared Tilley - Carlos Gruezo and Thomas Roberts

Like Ben, it seems like the two players going out this summer are going to be Gruezo and Roberts with one of the two going to Europe. It has been rumored and even talked about by Thomas that he was waiting until he turned 18 to potentially go to Europe. Also, when he trialed/trained with Bayern last fall, apparently he really impressed the coaches there. So, with him now being 18, the news of him showing out there, and the now potential suitors for Chris Richards who was in a similar spot, it all makes too much sense to not be Thomas being sold, with another pretty big sell-on clause.

In order for this to stay in line with Dan’s comments, Carlos would need to transfer out but not go to Europe. For me, the place that makes the most sense would be Tijuana with Papi. Oscar brought Carlos to FCD when he was a struggling young pup and played him almost every game. In a lot of ways, Carlos was OPs security blanket. It would only make sense that Papi would be looking for his “blankey” now that he is settled into his new position.

Jose Carmona - Pablo Aranguiz & Thomas Roberts

My picks are Pablo Aranguiz, and Thomas Roberts. Roberts makes sense, mainly because of the upheaval that is taking place at Bayern Munich II. Bayern II has lost 3 players to injury just last week, and have finalized or are in the process of finalizing at least 3 loan outs(all starters from last season). That doesn’t include players that were allowed to leave or were sold (7 total). Bayern II has been reinforced from the U19s (5 promoted, including Richards), and has 3 more members of the U19 practicing with them. For a team that has been promoted to Division 3, those moves are seen as not enough, and fans are legitimately worried about the teams chances in the 3rd Division. So the obvious move for Bayern, is to add players from outside of their system, and who better to help them, than FCD. I wouldn’t be completely shocked if more than 1 young player from FCD joined Bayern.

As for Aranguiz, he is coming off fine performance in the Toulon U23 Tournament. His performance was such, that he is considered 1 of 2 players from the Chile U23s, that should receive a call-up to the senior team. It’s no secret that Aranguiz doesn’t fit Luchi’s system, and he hasn’t lost any value according to Transfermrkt, so now would be the time to move him