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East Stand View: Twitter TV

When you’re on the go, Twitter has your back with a stream.

MLS: FC Dallas at San Jose Earthquakes Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

It was a fairly nice day out this past Saturday in Dallas, a little heated but nothing unbearable. With a fairly busy day on Saturday, Twitter was the only way I was going to watch the game, which was good in some ways but bad in others. FC Dallas was out west in San Jose, with the largest outdoor bar in North America (trademark) located at Avaya Stadium. Our boys in red were able to find a point despite still missing several players, which might attest to our depth...or maybe it was a certain mistake that helped us out. First, let’s chat about Twitter.


One step forward, one step back for the Twitter TV experiment in conjunction with Univision. I’ll preface by saying, it’s a free stream, so we really should be happy about that when compared to the dark days of a few years ago on that one channel we were on for so long. The step forward for Twitter TV? In my opinion, the commentary was much better this match when compared to the other matches I’ve watched on Twitter. Past Twitter streams have had commentary that became unbearable over the course of the match, but this commentary actually wasn’t bad and at times enjoyable. They’re no Mark Followill and Steve, but it’s better than Taylor Twellman sounding exasperated all the time.

One step back, however, in terms of streaming quality. Sure, there’s an argument that every Twitter stream has been awful in terms of streaming quality, I’ll accept that argument. But this particular time it required refreshing the browser every so often, and towards the end of the game it became incredibly choppy. Went ahead and tested with a desktop computer once I got home, and that stream was also incredibly choppy. Notifications from my soccer app and ESPN app let me know the final score before the stream was past the 92nd minute.

OG in SJ

Another own goal for FC Dallas! Might be going for top scorer for our team as own goal scored three times in a row for the good guys. Also, going to take this space to defend San Jose goalkeeper Daniel Vega. Yes, he’s a professional but everyone makes mistakes while at work and as a fellow goalkeeper I took absolutely no joy in watching that goal at all. I’ve done that a couple of times. Granted I’m not paid for playing, quite the opposite actually. But as many mistakes as I’ve made at my work, I had a good amount of sympathy for Vega and still do. Although, I’ll still take that goal and feel like it was essential in getting a point from Avaya stadium.

And finally your fan quote of the night: “This is just an outstanding game of soccer. My eyes are blessed.” -/u/yogirlwantmebad right after the SJ own goal.

Have you ever played goalkeeper and, if so, did you ever make a mistake like the one Daniel Vega did this match? Were you a fan of the Twitter streaming? Did you feel like the commentating improved or did you mute it? Let me know in the comments below!