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Quick Burns: What is one move FC Dallas needs to make this summer?

FC Dallas was all quiet this week as the primary window closed.

MLS: FC Dallas at Atlanta United FC Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The primary MLS transfer window closed earlier this week and while several teams spent a lot of time and money on some new players, FC Dallas was rather quiet outside of their (weird) deal with D.C. United for Marquinhos Pedroso.

Right now, FC Dallas has two open roster slots available but they will have to wait for either a free agent to come along or the secondary window this summer to open back up before they can do anything big.

Our team has gotten together to discuss what that one move should be this week. Let us know what you’d like to see happen below in the comments.

Nathan Hill - Wingers

FC Dallas needs winger depth. I’d love to see someone with a high ceiling or the kind of player that could use a change of scenery. If not, go with a loan, a young guy who can be a speedy sub or work his way into the lineup. This weekend, FC Dallas will miss Michael Barrios sorely, and so it’s imperative the team think about the long term as they build this squad.

Ben Lyon- Sign these two guys.

And call it a day. That’s primo wing and attacking midfield talent, and it will only require one international spot since Tillman is an American citizen. This seems as likely as none of our players getting sold in the summer window though, so don’t hold your breath.

Jeff Loftin - Add a versatile attacker

As much as I would like to add a winger to the group, give me a player or two who can play all across the attacking portion of the field. Someone with the ability to play wide or through the middle, and occasionally play as a 9 (or false 9) would be helpful. Those players do exist, and I will offer one player from MLS that could fill that role: Albert Rusnak. He’s not the type of player that we typically go after but I’d love to see him here with his experience and versatility. He’s not the only player who fits this description, but he’s one that I can point out relatively easily.

Jason Poon - ???

This team has a very Jekyll and Hyde at the moment. At one point they look like MLS Cup contenders, and the very next week, they look like they’re contenders for the Wooden Spoon. That’s to be expected with a young team and a new head coach, but because they can play at such a high level, there’s a sense that they’re one piece away from becoming a legitimate threat this year. Do you add that piece, or do you stick with the long term plan and let the kids grow? Honestly, I have no idea. FC Dallas is caught in an interesting spot.

Jack Rouse - I’m with Jason

There’s a prior question here that has to be answered: what are Dallas’ goals and expectations for the season? If they’re trying to compete for... something... then by all means give me a left winger who can balance out our attack. But if this is truly a free season that Dallas can spend investing in youth talent, then throw Roberts up there and let’s see what happens. There’s no reason to bring pieces in that are going to take time away from the kids if being a competitive team isn’t an objective this season. But if it is, Kellyn Rowe maybe?

Drew Epperley - A game changer

The problem with not making a move in the past week is that now any big signing that comes in this summer will really be more of a factor for next season than this. But the right guy could come in and immediately make an impact would be huge. I know this could potentially steal minutes from guys like Paxton Pomykal or Jesus Ferreira, but I would love to see some money spent on a guy that is that x-factor that this team has lacked since Mauro Diaz or Fabian Castillo.