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East Stand View: Alan Kelly

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Move over Univision, I got something else to complain about this time.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

I’m unsure what the weather was like in Dallas this past Saturday, as I was in Cleveland, Ohio visiting family for the weekend. The weather in Cleveland was really nice and seeing family was very enjoyable, although, it didn’t make up for how annoyed and crappy watching this game made me feel. Let’s meet our main topics of discussion for this post, the first being Alan Kelly and the second being the Houston Dynamo. We’ll start with that guy who thought it was FC Dallas’ day to lose.

Alan Kelly

If you’re a regular reader, you know I normally don’t go after the refs in these posts. I have referee’d before and sympathize with referees more often than most. Actual professional referee Alan Kelly is a three-time MLS referee of the year from Ireland and currently the reigning referee of the year in MLS. The name Alan Kelly does not conjure up bad memories for any reason and I’m not saying that to set something up here. He just seemed to have it out for us this particular match...

His first major decision was to give a penalty after Alberth Elis decided to fall over in the box after getting hit with the ball. It literally pinged off him and he thought he’d go for a tumble. Instead of looking at VAR, or the fact that Elis was already going to ground before the tackle, Alan Kelly decided to point to the spot instead of face complaints from the Houston players. FCD’s players should’ve complained more, and whoever the replay official was for Alan Kelly should be fined for not telling him to take a look at it. Just my fantasy of someone getting consequences for their actions.

The last minute goal cancellation was easily Kelly’s biggest blunder of the match however. The only replays that I was able to see showed everyone level with the last defender. Just getting the possibility of offsides out of the way. I believe Alan was referring to an apparent foul from Reto Zeigler on the guy he replaced Maynor Figueroa. It looked like Maynor felt a brush of a hand and immediately went down like he got hit by Canelo Alvarez. And that was the difference right there. Although we played terrible, we didn’t have the referee on our side...

The Fans!

Look, Houston...let’s just call it even on the whole attendance thing. It’s obviously neither of our strong suits, although it’s safe to say both our fan bases tend to travel well to each other’s stadiums which is peculiar. FC Dallas had a number of traveling fans in the stands of BBVA Compass stadium which was great to see. Will have to travel down there hopefully soon, hoping we get them in a cup match or the playoffs even. Not sure if the result will be different from the looks of things unfortunately.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “85*F in Houston and suddenly the #TexasDerby has turned into a diving competition.” - Courtesy of @mrszimmerbun.

Should the foul on Alberth Elis actually have been called, or should it have been overturned on review? Was the last goal correctly canceled and why was Alan Kelly so wrong? Did you go down to Houston to watch the match? Let me know in the comments below!