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East Stand View: Dome and Youngsters Rant

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Someone had to say it, we’re pretty much in our summer slump.

MLS: FC Dallas at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas was in the Pacific Northwest this past Memorial Day weekend, taking on a Canadian team that had just tied the New York Red Bulls in the Big Apple a few days before. The Whitecaps faced an FC Dallas team on Saturday that was missing some youngsters, so the Caps picked on our youngster Reggie Cannon. Another FC Dallas youngster decided to hit the crossbar, and Vancouver has a cool dome that I kinda wish the Hunts got the memo on. Why does one of the hottest states in the nation not have it’s own cover again?

No Dome for Texas?

As most of you know, Texas is incredibly hot. According to people with knowledge on the topic, it’s only to get hotter. Jerry Jones got the message about Texas weather and wised up. The Texas Rangers are finally wising up and getting a retractable roof beginning next season. So when I see Vancouver, all the way in Canada land, having a dome’d soccer stadium you can understand why I’m hitting this first. Potential rain outs, solved. Blistering heat and sun burns, solved. Severely cold winds in the first months of the season, solved. I know we’re spoiled in having a soccer specific stadium for our team. The New England Revolution and New York City FC fans would kill to have a stadium like the one we have in Frisco. I’m just saying, if there’s any plans on expanding/modifying the stadium further, please make it protection from the sun at least.

Those Two Youngsters

Badji’s goal was awesome, I’ll start off by saying that. Great piece of play, although maybe a bit fortuitous. The two youngsters we’ll be talking about here are the meteoric Reggie Cannon and the much maligned Pablo Aranguiz. Reggie Cannon has been on a spectacular rise since he won the starting right back spot for FC Dallas. He still has a bright future and is an anime fan so he’s cool in my book. But this game was not for his highlight reel. The first goal, maybe Barrios got in the way but man that was bad. Then for the second, not sure if it was a breakdown in communication, but our Reg was hung out to dry trying to cover two defenders. It might be that we were missing our two regular CBs, but this defense was rough.

Pablo Aranguiz. The man, the myth, the absolute legend. There has been discussion about this particular FC Dallas player, and most of the discussion has been in a negative light unfortunately. Now after this game though, the negative light may be warranted. I’ve defended Pablo for his time here, but after that wide open miss and the continued lack of any kind of spark or production just gives me no choice but to hop off the bandwagon. Maybe he can find a spark at the tournament he’s flying out to for the Chile U23s, but after watching this game, I’m incredibly doubtful.

And finally your fan quote of the night: “5/25/19: I am officially off the Aranguiz wagon.” -/u/bepeacock. I think this is my stop as well.

Would a dome, like BC Place, over FC Dallas’ home stadium fix the weather problems? Were the two goals mainly on Reggie, or is it too hard to pin this game on him? Are you officially off the Pablo bandwagon? Let me know in the comments below!