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East Stand View: Game of Pens

You ever wanted to sweat? Make it out to an FC Dallas game.

MLS: Los Angeles FC at FC Dallas Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

If you aren’t really a Game of Thrones fan, or have DVR, then you were likely at the game on Sunday evening. And judging by the amount of people at the stadium, GoT isn’t that big in the FC Dallas fan base. It was a hot a pretty humid day in Dallas on Sunday night, not as hot as it will be, but this game definitely ushered in summer in my mind. Los Angeles FC brought the peeps, not as many as the LA Galaxy normally bring, but they did their best. Los Angeles FC seemed to have brought the ref too, and yes, I’m aware I mentioned the referee last week but this guy amazed me.

Will It Ever End?

I’m sorry about having another section of back to back articles dedicated to whining about the ref. Now that I’ve apologized, here we go...Bressan got the ball, Matt Hedges was sorta the last defender I guess, their goalie should’ve been sent off, annnnnd ok that was maybe a legit handball. Did I get everything in one go? This was truly a shocking game by the referee, to say he cost us two points doesn’t even begin to explain it.

The referee song was sung numerous times at Toyota Stadium as the man in the middle managed to tick off the entire place. Then on top of that, he was giving multiple calls in favor of an LA team which makes any Dallasite’s blood boil. The boos rained down from the stands as intensely as you’ve ever heard them at a live sporting event. Despite the fact that the eastern side of the stadium was blinded by the sun a good portion of the first half, we could still see what utter crap this referee was trying to pull. Again, apologies on the rant on the officials, but it was way too much a part of the game and the end result to not talk about it.

The Dallas Crowd

The heat of the day didn’t seem to keep people away thankfully. It wasn’t good news for the parking situation, but having that many people was nice. It sorta helped that Carlos Vela was coming to town with his famous coach in tow. Then on top of it, you bring in a local soccer hero in Lee Nguyen and his family and friends coming to the game and all of the sudden you have a crowd. A Dallas crowd that seems to enjoy doing the viking clap, booing the confused referee, and also wearing jerseys of the teams not playing. Really, like, I sort of understand soccer jerseys to the game. But to wear a hockey jersey for a team that’s irrelevant to either team playing the soccer match you’re attending? I’m not sure what to think, it’s hot outside, and...I could go on but I digress.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “That was good Badji. Goodji.” I’m sure that joke is unoriginal by now.

How many times have you used the Bad/Good-ji joke for our beloved striker? Were you in the crowd booing your lungs out or did you stay home this week? Do you enjoy wearing completely irrelevant sports gear to live sporting events? Let me know in the comments below!